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Bed Wrap




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About the Product

Some monsters are better left hidden under the bed.  Enter the Bed Wrap to protect you from the judgmental gaze of those ski poles you haven't used in four (okay, five) years. And, with a quick and easy install, you won't even have to lift the mattress. Simply unroll the bed wrap, adjust, clasp and cinch a few straps to give your bed a neat and clean look. 

  • Clean and sleek aesthetic thanks to bamboo slats in the internal structure.

  • Layer in some texture with a heathered design.

  • Accommodates bed heights ranging from 12-16".

  • Recommend using with metal bed frames and headboards that are wall-mounted.

Dive into the bed you've always dreamed of. We're committed to creating the most deliciously perfect bed, top to bottom. Irresistible, at any time of day.

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