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Grape Hand Tonic - Set of 3


An on-the-go, natural hand tonic from our friends at LOLI Beauty, made with with soothing botanicals and moisturizing ingredients along with over 70% organic grape alcohol. This natural alternative to traditional hand sanitizer will keep your hands clean and purified, and leave them feeling soft and refreshed. Made from a proprietary blend of moonshine, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients known to kill germs.

  • Contains 70% alcohol, effective at killing viruses and germs.

  • MADE SAFE® certified and 100% organic, food grade, vegan, cruelty free, and zero waste.

  • Made from a distillate of grape, blended with sweet orange, cinnamon, and clove for a refreshing scent.




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The Low-Down on LOLI

LOLI launched as the world's first zero waste organic beauty brand in 2018. They live and breathe products that are food-grade, waterless and recycled, and we love that about them. LOLI thoughtfully minimizes the amount of packaging waste and the carbon footprint from their beauty and wellness products.

LOLI's products start with the purest and most potent food-grade ingredients. Everything is hand-selected and responsibly sourced for personal care products that are organic, vegan, non-GMO, and minimally processed.

Learn About the Brand

Cleaning Up Beauty with Tina Hedges of LOLI

We sat down with Tina Hedges, the Jamaican-born founder of LOLI to get the scoop on what makes LOLI so special, and how she’s finding reprieve through holistic rituals.

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