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Linen Complete Sleep Bundle

It’s a linen-lover’s fantasy: Every part of your bed, swathed in a linen so deliciously, buttery soft, you’ll never want to leave. Our Complete Sleep Bundle gives you everything you need to make the perfect, breezy-soft bed, right down to the Shams for that perfectly photogenic look (and extra comfort when reading in bed).

  • The highest quality Italian linen, woven from Belgian flax for exceptional durability and longevity.

  • A proprietary air-washing technology amps up linen’s softness like never before.

  • Crafted to last for decades; a true modern heirloom.

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$720 (15%+ Savings)

Dive into the bed you've always dreamed of. We're committed to creating the most deliciously perfect bed, top to bottom. Irresistible, at any time of day.

Made with Air

Our Italian linen is made to last for decades, thanks to linen’s natural properties, which make it hyper-durable, resilient, and primed to age beautifully.

Our manufacturing partner in Italy uses a proprietary technology that relaxes linen fibers with gusts of wind, before it’s hand-finished to perfection.


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