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You may have a good side, but our 'magic' placemats have two. We treat the finest-quality, Italian-crafted linen with protective finishes, so these can stand up to the elements, and the accoutrements. Cereal spills, food fights, over-sauced burgers –or guests – our placemats can take it all.

  • ‘Magic' teflon and acrylic coating is easy to wipe clean.

  • Made in Italy from 100% linen, using the best Belgian flax.

  • Works perfectly from formal dinners to messy meals.

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Our classic dinnerware and flatware are obsessively designed, so you can make every meal a masterpiece. You eat with your eyes, after all.

Lasting Luxury

For our linen essentials, we teamed up with a leader in fine Italian textile traditions, one with over 70 years of craftsmanship under their belt.

Handcrafted detail, married with advanced technology, helped create Belgian flax linen pieces you'll love right away – then even more, as they continue to soften over time.


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