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Shave Oil & Safety Razor Set

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About the Product

Hair's the thing: shaving can feel like less of a chore. Well Kept's sleek safety razor and almond-based oil offer a superior shave. Make the sustainable switch to their matte black brass razor and stop shaving like you're in junior high.

  • Shave oil contains argan oil, vitamin E, and rosemary essential oil to reduce irritation and add moisture.

  • Matte black brass razor comes with a single blade.

Well Hello Well Kept

Over two billion plastic razors and cartridges are discarded yearly in the U.S. Well Kept's goal: for everyone to take the time to enjoy shaving with natural, sustainable, quality products and to speak openly about the process.

Well Kept wants to do more than stop the buildup of disposable razors. They aim to break the beauty industry's norms when it comes to talking about leg and armpit hair, plastic waste, and cosmetic ingredients.

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