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Forever Looks Good

Start planning for the everyday.

The fun starts way before you get to flowers, seating charts, and playlists. Start planning for breakfasts in bed, movies inside a pillow fort, and sending invites to “our” place. We’ll help you build it from the ground up.

Make Yourself a Home

When you register at Snowe

Completion Discount

Even better than a honeymoon? A post-wedding 15% off for anything left on your list.

Anniversary Discount

After you defrost your cake top, come back for 15% off everything you still need.

Hassle-free Returns & Exchanges

We make it easy to adjust size, color, and more with free returns and exchanges for 60 days.

A Gift for your Guests

Avoid wine glass envy. When guests gift you, they’ll get $20 off a purchase for themselves.

Thank You Manager

When you’re appreciative but flustered, we’ll help you track Thank You note status.

One-on-one Consultations

Our registry pros are here to help you find everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Registry Press Table Setting Registry Press Bath Linens Registry Press Bedding Registry Press Bath Linens

Making Headlines

"One of the best places to register for your wedding."

"The site brides have been waiting for."

"Snowe creates gorgeous essentials for every room of the house."

"Your new favorite for home essentials."


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