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Bedding Matchmaker: Here’s the Perfect Throw for You


You don’t lay down with just anyone—and with good reason. What you want in a blanket is a matter of personal choice (oh, you didn’t think we were talking about something else, did you?). The way you like to get wrapped up depends on how your temperature runs, what you desire in your relaxation time, and who you’re inviting into your den of cozy. Thankfully, we’ve got the guide to ensure you are always swaddled to your own specs. Find your perfect plush partner below.




For the casually cool keeping warm:

You know who we are talking about—your effortlessly edgy friend. The one who is always dressed to the nines and ahead of the curve.




Help them spend the rare night in with our lightweight luxurious Cashmere Stripe Throw. It will make even that fireplace snuggle sesh look designer.




For the naturalist:

For them, simple without skimping on quality is a lifestyle. They like feeling good about their choices, and the Eco-Cashmere Throw can indulge their every earthy affinity.




Engineered from 95% recycled cashmere and finished with delicate fringe detailing it’s good-for-the-planet but decidedly uncrunchy. 




For the one who values versatility:

The Anywhere Linen Throw is beautiful inside and out—or even as your outfit. Crafted in Italy, it is the take-me-anywhere, machine-washable, must-have companion for home and away.




The weight makes it perfect for pretty much any time of year—and ideal for toting wherever adventure takes you. With a broad size and warm color palette, you can go from cooler days in the park to parka-temps with ease (and without breaking a sweat).




For the one who seeks style-above-all-else: 

Being chilly doesn’t have to harsh the vibe. You indulge in the wintery accents that serve full aprés ski. Our Checked Throw’s bold-yet-neutral color block pattern lends a subtle seasonal touch to any space.




And here’s the key: it’s actually super soft, with 100% Merino lambswool offering both naturally warming and cooling properties, so there’s nothing to sweat over. Love it too much to ever leave it? It’s fashionable enough to double as a cozy shawl.





For the burrito/totally camouflaged comfort-seeker:

Do you consider snuggling an extreme sport? Are only your eyes visible when you’ve tucked in for the night? Might we recommend getting all tangled up in our Striped Throw Blanket.




It’s a delightful blend of Australian lambswool and Mongolian cashmere (so the equivalent of both a flour and corn tortilla). Its slightly oversized real estate is perfect for bundling yourself, while the large stripe detail still pops even if it’s your around-the-house outfit. 




For those who believe two snugglers are better than one:

Don’t let throws get all the action. Our Quilts do double duty beyond the bedroom.




Huddle with your favorite person in front of a movie or the fireplace and take advantage of all the extra room (or not). Thanks to its tight construction, it’ll stay in place to prevent squabbles over placement, and that handy technique also provides a subtle texture to ensure it looks good in the process.  




For the person who doesn’t want to admit they’re cold (until they’re getting frostbite): 

Why do you want to be the last one without a blanket? We can’t be sure. Maybe you feel like roughing it ensures you’re better at regulating your own temps. Maybe you like being a little cold, but not too cold. Maybe you’re a secret follower of the Wim Hof method. But when you do break, be ready with raw eyelash fringe to match your rough around the edges persona. Our Edge Stripe Throw knows you are a secret softy, and its 100% lambswool construction supports your journey.



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