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Let’s Fill You In: Our Comforter Fundamentals



Whether you prefer lights out by eight or sneaking in past dawn, there’s one part of bedtime we can all agree on: few things can top the feeling of crawling under the covers at the end of the day. But few things are worse than tossing and turning throughout the night because you’re too hot, too cold, or left without any covers at all.


We designed this guide to help you find a comforter that’s just right at all hours of the night.




First Thing’s First

Rest easy knowing that all of our comforters check off the most important boxes. Each is made in the USA with an OEKO-TEX certified, 330-thread-count sateen shell that’s super soft so you can sleep soundly without making a sound. Plus, they’re all machine washable and have handy corner loops for keeping your duvet cover in place.




Size Matters

The size of your comforter, that is. Too small and you’ll be playing tug of war; too big and it’ll be slipping off the edge. Choose a comforter that’s the same as your mattress size for the ideal covers-to-bed ratio. That being said, if you’re looking for that overstuffed, five-star-hotel look, you can size up your comforter but keep your duvet cover the same. Trying to emulate a magazine’s dive-into-bed look? Doubling up with two comforters in one duvet will do the trick.




It’s What’s Inside That Counts: Down vs Down Alternative

Let’s talk fill: the fluffy stuff you’ll find inside a comforter. Fill can be natural—like our ethically sourced premium white down—or engineered, like the 100% allergen-free microfiber used in our down-alternative comforters.


For Down, the term “fill power” refers to the space taken up by a single piece of down. The higher the fill power, the larger the down clusters. Larger down = fluffier comforters. At 750 fill power, our Down Comforters are at the top end of the range and make for longer-lasting pillows and comforters. While fill power is a term specific to Down, we created our Down Alternative to be the poly equivalent of our Down option.


At the end of the day, it primarily comes down to preference and allergens. The important thing to remember is that microfiber mimics the density of down, so if feathers give you the sniffles, rest assured that our hypoallergenic comforters deliver the same cloud-like comfort.




Lightweight vs. All-Season

After considering what’s filling your bedding basics, the next question is how much. While “fill power” measures volume and quality, “fill weight” measures quantity and density. Both our Down & Down Alternative Comforters come in two different density choices. 


If you run hot or live in a warmer climate, our Lightweight option is a breathable choice with just enough cozy—and it pairs well with a throw if you like to layer up. For those always in chill mode, our All-Season option packs 40% more fill for a little extra weight and all the extra comfy. If you like to change with the seasons, go for both. Refresh your bed with a quick swap and store the other one in storage.




Take Cover

Now that you’ve found your perfect comforter, it’s time to dive into the duvet covers. For a classic look, turn to Percale for crisp and matte or Sateen for silky-soft with subtle sheen. Want a more laid-back feel? Opt for richly textured Linen or breezy, rumpled Softexture.




Still losing sleep over which comforter to choose? Reach out to us at for expert advice and personalized answers. Plus, with our generous Snowe Promise, you can sleep on it (literally) for 14 days before deciding.


Now get to work on building a bed that’s better for you.

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