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Towel Off: Which Fabric Is for You?



You and your towels get close—really close. They’re there to comfort you when you have to step out from the all-encompassing warmth of the shower, and they don’t judge you when you’re sitting on your bed, willing yourself to get dressed even though your Zoom starts in five minutes.


As such, you deserve a bath buddy that really gets you while it gets you dry. We’ve designed our towels to check off all the boxes and then some. Both our Classic and Honeycomb styles are super absorbent yet quick drying, generously sized, and finished with a handy hanging loop. Plus, both fabrics are made from OEKO-TEX-certified 100% long-staple cotton with European pedigree to boot.


If you ask us, our towels are the next best thing to nude. So when it comes to deciding which fabric to get wrapped up with, it depends on what feels best for you. Let’s dive in and see how our two textures stack up.




Raising the (Towel) Bar

When you’re freshly showered, the first texture you touch is an important (and personal) one. So take your pick: Our Classic terry, that envelops you like a fluffy cloud? Or lightweight, air-soft Honeycomb that moves with you? Either way, now you’re dry enough to grab your phone. 






CLASSIC: Soft & Enveloping

  • Thicker, fluffier, and sublimely soft—even clouds are jealous
  • Revolutionary Japanese technology traps air in each cotton fiber for extra absorbency and quicker drying time
  • Supreme softness delivers a lived-in quality that gets better (and stays plush) with every wash
  • 100% long-staple cotton from Portugal stays softer longer and sheds 4x less fibers than the competition
  • As Buzzfeed puts it, “The Snowe Classic towels were the softest and dried the most quickly. They're also the perfect ‘goldilocks’ weight: not too heavy, not too light...just right.”
  • For those who like a stocked linen closet, this is the pick for you. Go all in with a bath towel, bath sheet (an extra-large version), hand towel, washcloth, bath mat, bathe bundles, and even our robe that feels straight out of a hotel.






HONEYCOMB: Stretchy & Flexible

  • Delightfully textured and lighter than air
  • One-of-a-kind construction provides a comfortable give and added absorbency so it won’t put a damper on the rest of your routine
  • Hundreds of waffle-like pockets create a tasty texture and capture moisture for a lightning-fast dry time
  • 100% long-staple cotton from Italy stays softer longer and sheds 4x less fibers than the competition
  • As Apartment Therapy exclaims, “But! The! Absorbency! Reader, I was stunned. Not sure what to expect, I gingerly started patting down my arms. The water was wicked away immediately.”
  • Also available in a bath towel, hand towel, a bath set, and our spa-worthy robe.





No Fluff, Just Facts

Still have a few questions piled up? We’re here to demystify. 


Q: Do I need a bath towel or sheet?

A: Size matters to us, too. Both our towels and bath sheets are oversized—but sheets offer a little more snuggly surface area if you like the extra coverage.


Q: Why use a washcloth?

A: Washcloths are one of those if-you-know-you-know secrets of life. While traditionally used to wash and dry the face, washcloths can play double duty to help you exfoliate your whole body in the shower as well. Plus, it’s the perfect size for bathing babies and kids in a tub. Pro tip: choose a darker hue if you’re removing makeup.


Q: How do I give my beloved towels an extra long life?

For best results, machine wash with warm water, dry on low heat, and steer clear of bleach, fabric softeners, and dryer sheets. To brighten your whites, use a 1/2 cup of baking soda with your preferred detergent during the wash cycle. When you need a softness boost, use a 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser during the rinse cycle. To prevent discoloration, make sure you keep your towels away from skincare products like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid!


Q: How many towels do I need?

A: It pays to have spares: 2 full-body options per person plus 2-4 washcloths and hand towels means you’re never hung out to dry. Remember: Rotating your towels = longer luxe life.





We get it—you’re awash with options. Reach out to and we’ll be happy to give you a personalized recommendation. Plus, with our generous Snowe Promise, you have 14 days to get acquainted before deciding.


The main takeaway: Reach for a towel that amplifies that just-from-the-shower feeling. With the right one, you’ll feel like you’re still at the spa, even if you’re actually just late for work.


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