A Solid Foundation: Mindfulness at Home

  Every new year’s resolution boils down to two words... Be better. At listening, at following through, at punctuality.  At resisting sugar, caffeine, or the snooze button – or for the...

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My Midnight Meal: Alison Roman

  No one appreciates a home-cooked meal like Alison Roman. And with her help, you could feel the same way – and maybe even kick that $$$ take-out habit. The food...

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At Home

Editors' Choice

We asked seven esteemed editors to share their recommendations for the SNOWE products they loved this year. Consider it the ultimate word in what to buy that picky cousin, impossible-to-shop-for coworker, or even the harshest critic you know: yourself.

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Gifts For Those Most Likely To Put Takeout To Shame

The rare species that can survive without take out, these creative types thrive in their natural habitat, the kitchen. And it’s thanks to them that you’ve dug into the most mouth-watering and satisfying meals ever. Year-round, you should be on dishes duty; at the holidays, it’s your chance to gift the dishes – new, elegant, and high-quality pieces worthy of being topped with their latest creations.

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Gifts For Those Most Likely To Nest ‘Til Spring

They’re not anti-social, they’re anti-social obligation. The nesters in your orbit may have just moved in together, gotten knocked up, or are simply burned out and not ready to regroup until 2018. It’s ok. You know they still love you. Show them you feel the same with some essentials to keep things cozy.

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Gifts For Those Likely To Keep an Open Door

Whether their invitations are embossed or emailed, the consummate host in your life likely throws them around like confetti. These natural entertainers shine brightest when surrounded by friends – and tools to keep up their A-game. Why not gift them the pieces to bring things up (yet) another notch?

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Gifts For Those Most Likely To Pour Another Round

When you need a drink, you know who to call – the person who’s always ready with a bottle of something great, a thoughtful toast, or just a commiserating nod. Part bartender, part therapist, part party motivator, they deserve an arsenal of glassware that’s as polished as they are.

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Bedtime Rituals for The Successful (and Free Spirited)

Successful people love to tell you their daily routines—throw a rock at an entrepreneur and you’ll hear all the ways they’ve hacked their mornings, lunches, etc., to full optimized. But how do they tuck in? What’s the right way to wind down from a full day of being a winner? Here are the “rules” to tucking yourself in like a grown-up, go-getter.

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Cook & Drink

The Holiday Table: For Friendsgiving and Beyond

There’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with those you love to share a meal. But holiday gatherings can be stressful, especially for those brave enough to host. Whether you’re the 24-hour brined turkey type or your cranberry sauce comes straight from the can, it’s the company that makes the holiday. The rest is gravy.

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Serve & Celebrate

My Midnight Meal: Chef Mark Ladner

We invited Ladner into our kitchen and asked him to cook a casual, late-night meal he would make at home — something he’d prepare at the end of the day, a meal that would help him unwind, relax, calm down. Something nurturing and personal. He agreed, and since dining on pasta from Ladner's pot is one of the premier culinary experiences in the world, we invited a small party to share in the spoils. 

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