A Look Back at Linen’s Most Iconic Champions

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Durable and desirable, linen has long been the choice of not just the smartest sleepers but the sharpest dressers. Look back throughout the centuries and fashion plates have always gravitated to the fabric for its comfort and coolness. Linen projects luxury without stuffiness. It’s relaxed and confident—and so are the folks that wear it. Let’s examine the material’s most famous champions. 




Georgia O’Keeffe

Georgia was rigorous about her wardrobe because she didn’t want to waste time selecting clothing when she could be painting. Her go-to shifts left her with plenty of time to make her masterpieces and style to spare.


Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton might spend some of her current time wearing very questionable jeans, but let’s not forget that Nancy Meyers has spent the last few decades draping her in linen while she ponders adult relationships in various picturesque kitchens. After pioneering ladies wearing suits for Annie Hall, she’s matured to more breathable materials.


Chris Pine

Hang on a second. Before you poo-poo including a DC Comics star and member of the current crop of Hollywood Chrises in a list of fashion icons, might we point you to this article. Or perhaps his incredible ensemble at Zoe Kravtiz’s wedding. Don’t resist the comfort pedigree of a man that wears a caftan. According to the internet, Chris Pine fans are called “Pine Nuts,” and if that’s true you can make us into a pesto any day. 




David Bowie

When he asked you to dance in that outfit, how could you say no? Post-Ziggy Stardust, David put some prep in his step, with his most shocking move being the moment he showed up somewhere not in full sequined adrogynous regalia.


Ina Garten

When you need to make incredibly impressive dishes in your Hamptons hideaway, you want the breezy movement of a custom linen top as your sous chef. 




Eileen Fisher

Since the ‘80s she’s made smocks for the savvy set, and the rest of the world is finally getting wise. You don’t have to follow the true Eileen Fisher System to appreciate what the woman has done for chore coats, trousers, and sack dresses.


Roger Federer

He might have fallen short at this year’s Wimbledon, but he still looks winning in his tennis whites. If Anna Wintour approves, he can’t be wrong. 





Neapolitan Men

They look good every single day. They dress in the entire tailored-suit-kit-and-kaboodle every day, meaning that when they are doing nothing but sipping espresso in a cafe or walking the streets of Italy, they make it look like an occasion. And that’s what chic dressing is all about. 


If you find that wearing linen every single day is a challenge, or you just aren’t ready to commit to reworking your wardrobe, might we suggest sleeping in our supple sheets?

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