Getting to Know Heritage Linen

Linen bedding falls into that 'if you know, you know' category. Some common misconceptions are that it's scratchy, stiff, and is better suited for balmy summer nights rather than cozying in. However, those who have seen the proverbial light know that high quality, well-made linen is actually a textural dream; known for its casual-cool drape and year-round versatility. 

Enter our latest launch: The Heritage Linen Collection by Snowe x Looma. Knowing that we had both linen devotees to impress and cynics to disprove didn't make this process easy, but it did result in the very best linen we could ever dream of. So, no matter which side of the bed you're currently on, we’re quite confident you'll want to lay your head down on this life-changing linen by the time we wrap up.


How it's made


We began this linen challenge in the same way that we approach each and every home essential— zeroing in on the very best resources, artisans and production partners to make something that actually improves your every day. Naturally, we tapped Looma, a company marrying a 150-year-old tradition in textile-weaving with our shared earth-friendly values to craft luxurious linen you can truly feel good in (and about!). It all starts with sourcing 100% organic French flax, grown without chemical-based fertilizers and harmful pesticides, for the most sustainable fibers possible. Once harvested, the flax makes its way to India where it is woven on looms, double stonewashed and hand-finished by a family-run mill established in 1880. Refined by generations of expertise and fair trade certified to preserve the craft and those who practice it, Heritage Linen is, well, exactly that. 


Why it’s special 


While this linen owes a lot of its luxe-ness to its rich history of craftsmanship, there’s more substance to this story still. As far as hand-feel goes, linen doesn’t get softer than this. Swaths of freshly-woven fabric get their plush-to-the-touch signature courtesy of a process called stonewashing, whereby the linen is pounded by pumice stones (and in this case, twice). Whereas it might take more than a dozen or so washes for lesser brands to soften up, this technique ensures that your sheets are nice and cushy on night one— just how it should be. But don’t mistake softness for weakness, because this linen is woven to last. Fibers are spun into a breathable yet durable mid-weight weave for airflow during the warmer months, insulation during the cooler ones, and comfort for years to come. 


Mix or match, but don’t miss out 

In five neutral shades, The Heritage Linen Collection looks just as good in monochrome as it does mixed in with your other bedding (psst… we designed it that way!). There’s just something about its nuanced texture that transforms your bed into a sensorial experience, even giving other textiles like percale and sateen more intrigue when layered together.


Just don’t sleep walk– the perfect linen does exist, but it won’t stay stocked for long— shop The Heritage Linen Collection by Snowe x Looma here.