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The Classic Starter Bathe Bundle

The Starter Bathe Set includes all the soft, luxurious essentials you'll need to make your bathroom feel just right.

2 x Bath Towel 
2 x Hand Towel 
2 x Washcloth 
1 x Bath Mat

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$135(10%+ Savings)

Home, in a day. Everything you need for your bed, bath, table, and more to start fresh or upgrade your life. It's best-selling essentials, straight to your door in a click.

Soak It Up

Crafted with our partner in Portugal, our bath linens are made with an innovative Japanese technology that creates superior absorbency by trapping air within each cotton fiber.

The result? Towels and robes that are plush with volume, yet lightweight and quick to dry – not to mention soft. And post-wash, they lose 4x less fibers than the competition.


The Classic Starter Bathe Bundle Reviews

2 x Bath Towel 
2 x Hand Towel 
2 x Washcloth 
1 x Bath Mat

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The Classic Starter Bathe Bundle has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 37 reviews.

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