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Down Pillow


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Down Pillow

The super-high fill power of our pillows doesn’t just make them fluffy and sleep-enhancing. It means they can serve as laptop stands, snack trays, and foot rests. So you have more reasons to stay in bed.

  • Pillow density is a personal preference. But typically, side sleepers prefer firm, back sleepers prefer medium, stomach sleepers prefer soft.

  • Premium French white down, sourced ethically from a Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified manufacturer.

  • Ultra-soft, OEKO-TEX certified cotton shell is smooth, supple and quiet.

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Dive into the bed you've always dreamed of. We're commited to creating the most deliciously perfect bed, top to bottom. Irresistable, at any time of day.

Soft Sell

We partnered with one of the only American factories using ethically-sourced down to ensure that our pillows and comforters were filled with only the best fluff.

Our heritage factory partner uses a blend of handcrafted and high-tech processes with incredible attention to detail, all to create the fluffiest, stuffiest pillows and comforters.


Practice Safe Sleep: What Oeko-Tex Really Means

Beyond the information you get from laying in it – the weight, the texture, the crispness – there’s a backstory to how it was made. What chemicals was it treated with? What kind of waste did it leave on its way to you? What steps were taken to ensure that it was sustainably made?

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