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Inside Patrick Janelle’s Stylish New York City Apartment

Get a peek inside the Instagram star @AGuyNamedPatrick’s impeccably stylish Soho home that shines with personal details.


Instagram phenomenon Patrick Janelle’s life looks good. If you follow his exploits on @aguynamedpatrick, you see that he spends his days living the New York City life we all dream of—impossibly stylish, incredibly tasty, and always fun. He balances his business ventures (exclusive social club Spring Street Social Society and new mixology app The Liquor Cabinet) with bike rides across Soho and stops to enjoy the kinds of coffee and cocktails that don’t need a filter to look delicious. The tastemaker sat down with Taste the Style to share a sneak behind the lens and into his impeccably curated home (as if his apartment would be anything but stunning). Patrick revealed his days dusting his mom’s home helped make him the stylish man he is today—and he explained why he’s not willing to sacrifice location for space. Here are a few of our favorite tidbits (including a Snowe shout-out) about what he thinks makes a home.


With three words, how would describe your home aesthetic?

Playful, eclectic, contemporary.



If you could host a party at your house, who would love to invite and what would you serve?

My favorite kind of party is a cocktail soirée. I have established a pretty decent home bar, and I like to see all those bottle put to use. So, no vodka-and-mixer house party for me. Instead, I’ll have a bartender on hand to mix up some manhattans, sazeracs, margaritas, or mojitos.




If you can save one thing in your home from a fire what would that piece be?

My vintage Schwinn Paramount bicycle. My dad bought it in the early 70’s and used to race on it. He gave it to me when I moved to Los Angeles, and—in addition to using it for transportation—it’s a symbol for one of the things (cycling and the outdoors) that continues to bring my family together.


How do you normally relax after a long day of work in the comfort of your own home?

Truthfully, the work day rarely ends! More often than not, I’ll continue working on my laptop in bed until it’s time to sleep. But if I really shut down email for the night, I’m most likely to snuggle into bed, grab a glass of scotch, and catch up on my TV show of the moment.



When you shop for home decor, what  pieces do you normally gravitate towards?

I love small things that are beautiful and practical. Favorite recent finds: highball glasses, brass coasters, small brass spoons, and (another) throw for the sofa.



What are your recommendations when it comes to designing on a budget?

Yeah, I think it’s about finding a few key pieces that you are willing to splurge on and then allowing them to be the center piece. A lot of my key pieces are multi-functional, too, to which I can supplement with things that are not as costly. So I really think it’s about finding the key pieces that you want to spend a little more money on and then supplementing with things that are less expensive.



What’s your bedding philosophy?

I invested in pillows that are a little bit more expensive. Honestly, good pillows and a good mattress are super important. These are things that you are going to invest in and have for a long time. Also, when I slipped into the Snowe sheets for the first time, well, it was love at first sleep.





When it comes to your bathroom, do you try to make it a sanctuary?

It’s not too much of a sanctuary. For me, a bathroom is really about utility, but anything in my life whether it’s for utility or entertaining, I want it to feel thoughtful as well. So with my bathroom, it’s really about keeping it nice and simple.



Patrick’s 5 Favorite Pairs:

Because Patrick is a man who knows how to mix it up, we asked him about what he thinks is best enjoyed together.

  • Brass and Marble
  • Coffee and Doughnuts
  • (Crusty) Bread and (Good French) Cheese
  • Broadway and Prince
  • Work and Play
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