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The Great Escape: Uncommon Scents that Comfort and Inspire

What’s behind our collection of candles and diffusers? It’s deeper than you think.

Welcome to the world of slow fragrance. We obsessively crafted and edited our candles and (new!) diffusers with the hope that you would respond to the first sniff without a particular scent note in mind. No “oh, rosemary”; never “I love lemon!”

Instead, we’ve aimed to recreate some of the juiciest, most indescribable feelings through the power of palate. Leaning on earthy, bright, and underrated notes, we brought them together in new and varied ways inspired by a collection of foreign words for the feelings we hoped to evoke. Imagine sinking into a patinaed leather chair with a well-made cocktail as an almost-forgotten song plays – what does that smell like? What about the thrill of opening a hotel room door to discover a ridiculously oversized bed the kind of ocean view you thought only existed on postcards – how do you breathe that in? And then, what role does Tonka Bean have in all this, and how much Burnt Cedar is needed to balance it all?

While we were eager to answer the questions and complete our work  – ultimately, we’re dying to get the scents into your hands – our process was slowed significantly by two instrumental parts of the process. First, our devotion to getting these exactly right, to crafting the scents you’d never come across in candle form but always wished to. There’s no formula for that, so the amount of research and gut analysis involved kept us working overtime for months. 


And then, quite literally, the nose. Because while you can dream fast and work faster, the nose has stricter rules. Cleansing breaths of coffee beans only work so many times in a day before said honorable nose must retire until the next day. Slow fragrance indeed – and it’s all better for it.

Take a look at the the elements that came together, literally, to create the dreamscapes we hope to fill your home with.






It’s not quite a party, not quite a get-together. It’s low-key, yet equal parts mysterious and seductive. It’s a drink that’s just strong enough, the chair that’s just cushy enough, with company that’s just the right amount of racy. You’re at ease, dialed down a notch, maybe because the drink’s already hit you, or just in anticipation of the moment. Is the scent in the air, or is it you? You feeling ignited, sophisticated, and ready for another one.


Leather has that effect. It’s animalistic, yet refined. And when it joins Burnt Cedar, with all its fireside, vibration-raising vibes, it makes for a balm against inhibition. The underlying notes, while slight, are essential in creating the mood of a well-hidden yet well-stocked bar: Gritty,  reassuring Tobacco and Charcoal that rubs up against mouth-watering Maraschino Cherry and Blood Orange. Drink to that.



Breathe in the magnetic pull to your bed. The scent starts as a delicate lure toward plumped-up covers and gives way to the promise of an altered state of superior consciousness. Give in to the sense of cocoon-like safety offset by the sultriness of a fresh shave – is it the delicious moment of cognizance just before falling into a deep sleep, or a close hug from a familiar stranger? It’s the feel of skin to skin, skin to sheet, that provocative closeness that’s anything but stifling.

It’s the alchemy of mixing notes like Lavender – known throughout history to help dissolve insomnia and anxiety – and Ginger, which has a warming effect on the body. We added in a dose of nature’s most potent aphrodisiac, Sandalwood (who knew?) to keep things from feeling too sleepy. Light it up, and see what happens.




Everything is ok. Finally. Totally. It’s the instant you lower your body into the tub – not your current compact tub, but a sprawling claw foot one, maybe somewhere in the French countryside, or whatever lakeside town you visited growing up. It’s the scent of a freshly-unwrapped bar of soap mixing with the fragrant flowers just out the window, the feel of porcelain and warm water against your skin. You sink for a moment into the quiet, into the water, for a brief buffer against the sounds outside, the noise in your head. You emerge, slick-faced and slightly more prepared. For calm, for peace, for anything.    

It’s not a coincidence, it’s science – the melding of Calla Lily’s subtle power to regulate your heart rate with Green Leaves’ ability to help you breathe easier (just like when you’re outdoors). Add in Star Anise’s mysterious duality that both stimulates circulation while sedating anger, and it’s a tonic fit to go to bat against long days and short tempers.






Room service was here. The pillows: fluffed. The blinds: open with the sun beaming in. Your book’s been thoughtfully placed on the nightstand, your page marked with hotel stationery, and you feel oddly accomplished, though all you did was check in and fling all your things on the floor (they’ve since been organized). You feel worthy of the finer things but not bound by them, and the world is your oyster. Do you sit and read or call for more attention (and a drink, perhaps)? Or do you just revel in the goodness, the sleekness, the welcome feeling? There’s no place like home except this one.


The spice and surprising fruitiness of Tonka Bean sets the stage for its complementing notes. In the spiritual world, it’s used for initiations, which sheds some light on its potent clubby feel. Cardamom helps you breathe easy – literally, as it promotes respiratory health – and Juniper is known as a stress-buster that manages not to sedate you in the process. The faint baking spices in the midst – yes, that’s Vanilla Bean you sense – waft in to make you feel like you’re at home, no matter where you are. In only the best way.





You’ve got this. All burners are firing and you’re at the top of your game. The adrenaline rush is delicious – a special strain with all stress edited out, and it’s keeping you on your toes and on the ball. Eyes wide open and fully on the prize, you’re equipped to knock out whatever multi-page recipe you flip to in your Nancy Meyers-worthy kitchen (white subway tile; expansive window behind the double-bin sink, elegantly-veined marble island positioned perfectly for your serious knife skills). Nothing can touch your ambition or confidence, nothing can dampen your mood. You’re on top of the world and there’s going to be snacks.

Such is the dynamic force of the Meyer Lemon. All the good stuff you know from regular lemons (anti-bacterial and energizing properties), with a sweet and floral punch-up that keeps you feeling extra positive. Antioxidant superstar Shiso Leaf attacks stress-causing inflammation and improves brain function (there’s that laser focus). And mint makes sure you’re sharp and alert, while working with the rest of the notes’ cleansing properties to make sure your kitchen (dream or otherwise) smells as bright as you are. No matter what’s sauteeing.




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