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Dining Beyond the Dining Room

Dining room? What dining room? The spacious formal dining rooms of your parent’s pasts are far less likely in the apartments and condos many people call home. But so what if you’re short on a designated space to dine. There are loads of spaces to eat within the walls of your home. Let’s take a walk around the house (and beyond) and see what other spots are excellent for eating.


The Coffee Table

There is a special delight in eating while being entertained. We just have a few pieces of advice on making it a bit more civilized. Start by clearing off the coffee table—you don't want to suddenly need to balance a bowl on top of your art books and next-to-read magazines. Then try to set the scene. Minimize pausing for trips to the kitchen by gathering sauces, seasonings, and napkins. That way when you inevitably spill something in a moment of suspense, you won’t miss a thing. Swap Seamless containers for something sturdier (it’ll make balancing on your hands that much easier). And lastly, make the most of it. Who doesn't love a themed dinner and a television show? Bread and water and Game of Thrones reruns, anyone?

All Over

If you’re entertaining, you don’t have to have one big designated buffet. Sometimes its more fun to sprinkle bits and bites around your place to keep the party flowing (and to avoid congestion in the kitchen). Next time you are having people over, spread out the snacks—a bowl of nuts on your bookshelf in the office, a plate of cheese and crackers on the sideboard. You’ll encourage mingling as people look around for more appetizers.

Breakfast (or Whatever) In Bed

Score some major points with your bedmate by treating them to the ultimate indulgence. This doesn’t necessarily require a full grand slam breakfast on a tiered tray. A couple of croissants, coffee, and a little champagne balanced on a tray is more than enough to turn your humdrum bedroom into a hotel. Just make sure you vacuum up those crumbs before crawling back into bed later.


Al Fresco

When it comes to al fresco eating, there’s a lot of different types. If you are lucky enough to have a true outdoor space, it means limiting trips inside, while making sure guests feel as comfortable as if they were. Light a citronella candle to keep bugs away. Weight down napkins with a paper weight (or a rustic beach rock) so no one is worried about things blowing away. Have a pitcher of water handy to ensure no one is sweating their next drink. If you’re making the best of a semi-outdoor situation, keep it easy. Serve something people can eat and carry one-handed. If you’re parking it in the park, consider your exit strategy. A garbage bag for things you’ll need to dispose of and a bag for utensils and things you need to save, means you can head out for your next adventure with ease.

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