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It’s Celebrating Season: Top Trends for the 2021 Holidays

A few months ago we asked over 600 of our amazing customers just what they had up their sleeves for the 2021 holiday season. We know this one has felt a little longer in the making than normal thanks to the more subdued celebrations of 2020. However, the answers were clear: the extra planning time has been well spent preparing for a rebound season that will hit harder than the secret family eggnog recipe.


We have to admit we’re excited about your plans for décor, and love the contrast our extended Snowe families are bringing into their spaces with big bold florals juxtaposed with a neutral, simple color palette. You can probably tell, but we love a simple tabletop punctuated by a few dramatic moments too.


We also think candles and glittery touches (even if they’re just your favorite marble accents polished to perfection) are a great way to bring in the holiday spirit without having to be too literal. That said, we’ve been known to run a eucalyptus garland on the table, so if you want to go all in, there is no stopping you traditionalists out there. Read on for more about what to expect this year and how your plans are likely to stack up.




And for those of you excited just to get back into the kitchen, here’s our one pro tip: don’t forget that holiday cocktails can be just as fun and inventive as that labor-intensive twist you found on the green bean casserole. We suggest shaking some up to test with your sous chefs so everyone can get in on the action.  



Bonus Round: Hostess Gifts

Beyond your own celebrations, if you’re one of those 8 lucky guests invited to sit at someone else’s table this year, we also wanted to share a little more on host and hostess gift etiquette. The vast majority of you think these gifts are a must at Thanksgiving (61%), but are more optional over the December holidays (51%), but everyone agrees the right amount to spend is around $50.




That said, we wonder how many of you are more keen to bring something to Thanksgiving because fancy speciality foods and wine are the top gifts on the list!  We get it—it’s nice to bring something you’ll get to enjoy too.


So now you have the dish on what everyone’s planning for 2021. But trend or not, the best way to celebrate is whatever makes you get and stay in a festive mood. From holly berries and tinsel to moody tall tapers and a Charlie Brown tree, your celebrations are sure to be seasonally perfect to your taste.

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