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A Solid Foundation:

Mindfulness at Home


Last year’s mantra was go big or go home, and we all know how that turned out. But there’s something to be said about going small. Instead of aiming to fix everything, take a moment to simplify.


You know that willpower doesn’t have what it takes to carry you through 365 days – white-knuckling only takes you so far. Enter mindfulness, the deceivingly simple method of being in the moment, which naturally increases your ability to self regulate (and self control). In one way it’s a magic bullet, in that it’s free, it’s all you need, and it works. Easy, right? On the other hand, it’s as elusive and slippery; tough to adopt, and a cinch to drop off.


We can’t sell you mindfulness – no one can. But we do pride our products on helping set the tone for practicing it. And no, not by sitting cross-legged in an empty, candle-lit room, though sure, you can do that too. Here’s how to make it happen wherever you go.


In The Bedroom


Getting ready for bed isn’t something that happens with the click of a button. Literally – turning off your iPhone does not a bedtime routine make. When you set aside time for a physical, non-tech-related habit that separates your awake/alert/connected time from sleep, you feel the benefits right away. Whether it’s reading, stretching, meditating, or writing in a gratitude journal, you’re sending your brain the message that the mind-racing, goal-motivated part of the day is over, and you’re ready for a slower mode. And not just mentally – the very act of taking calming time before bed lowers your cortisol levels which makes sleep come easier. Supercharge the routine by doing it from bed where you can take note of the smoothness of the sheets, the crisp hand-feel of the comforter, and how clean and restful the room feels from your perch. Within a couple weeks your body will be so accustomed to the habit leading to sleep you’ll find yourself yawning almost immediately.









In The Bath


Sounds bizarre, but it works: Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand. It’s a mindfulness hack that forces your brain to pay attention to the actual teeth-cleaning process and not, say, everything you did wrong yesterday. Then, take 30 seconds to arrange your post-bath (or shower) cocoon. Fold your towel and hang your bathrobe within your vision – and easy reach.









Once you’re in the tub, give yourself at least a one-minute period to focus on the moment. The feel of the warm water against your skin, the smell of the soap or candle, the blissful look of that luxurious fluffy set-up awaiting you. That ounce of self care goes a long way in making sure you go from the warm, soothing shower right into a cloud-like and enveloping towel – bonus points for an oversized one.






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Bundle Up to Save More
The Classic Starter Bathe Bundle
$142 (Full Retail Value: $150)



Cocktail Hour


Mindfulness and mixology might not seem to mix, but it’s about making your quaffs more intentional. Even if you can’t go out, turn cocktail hour into something that feels like an evening affair. Instead of snagging a spiked seltzer, spend some time mastering a classic recipe. Focus on quality over quantity.



{{the-essentials-bitters-set}} {{whiskey-set}} {{cocktail-shaker}} {{marble-coasters-set-of-4}}



Pour yourself your favorite glass of wine, pop champagne like it’s a celebration, step outside of your normal suds. The key is to savor your sips, notice the notes that sometimes you just gloss over and treat your beverage better. And while you’re drinking, hey maybe call up a friend (On the phone! Give Zoom a rest!) and enjoy drinking without distraction.



{{red-wine-glasses}} {{marble-wine-cooler}}



All Day Long


No need to give up your nightcap if it serves you well. But here’s the trick: Just add water. A carafe of it, to be clear. Dress it up if you must – lemon, cucumber, mint, melon, whatever’s fresh and in the fridge should infuse it well enough. Position it with a tall glass, and challenge yourself to finish it every night. And unlike your dinner routine you can do this in front of the TV.


{{carafe}} {{stemless-wine-glasses}}



Ready for part two of the challenge? Once you’re done, refill the carafe, and place it next to your bed. That’s your new morning routine, and it’ll be staring you down the moment you wake up. That boost of hydration will give you more energy and clarity to start the day than any app ever could – plus, it’s your first great habit of the new day. Nice work.



{{marble-trivet}} {{linen-eye-pillow}}



Throughout The House


Surely you have 15 minutes a day you can reschedule from “mindless scrolling time” to tidying time. You likely already know clutter in your home contributes to stress and anxiety, so why not make a daily habit to bust it daily? The short cleaning bursts help you focus on actively improving things – externally and internally. The added benefit of course is a clean home – a blissful feeling you can pump up with a subtle, fresh-scented diffuser. We’re partial to our Tastemaker scent, a mix of Shiso Leaf, Wild Mint, and Meyer Lemon for a bright, energizing atmosphere.



{{diffuser}} {{storage-box}} {{valet-tray}}



Prefer candles? Light one while you’re tidying up and the scent will then remind you of your positive actions – and the neatness and calm that results from it. And just like that, you’re on your way to a better-looking home and calmer state of mind. To, just like that, be better.



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