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Anatomy Of A Glass (And Why It Matters)


Everyone loves toasting at parties. We love the mechanics of toasting.

Where to place your hand. Which part of the glass to clink. How full the glass should be.


It’s not because we’re sticklers for etiquette – far from it, and more on that later.


But because in our quest to create the most beautiful, user-friendly, and long-lasting glassware, we got deep into the details on every joint, lip, stem, bowl, and slight indentation.


The goal? To create micro-comforts you never knew you’d crave. Pieces that feel like a joy to hold and a revelation to sip from. Glasses that look downright incredible on dining tables, bar carts, nightstands, bathtub ledges, or any horizontal surface that calls for a drink.


And? Pieces that can go in the dishwasher thousands of times and show no wear and tear.




We make nine different glasses to serve a variety of needs. You’ll notice that many are prescriptive by name, “red wine glass” or “champagne flute.” Please know: that’s about maximizing pleasure, not limiting your options. We’ve enjoyed plenty of red wine in our Essential glass, beer in the Tall Tumbler, and water from our stemless wine glass. And why not? We’re equal-opportunity drinkers.


The names aren’t meant to limit, but we did make sure that glass type is crafted to bring out the best in that particular beverage. Ready for the line-up?



The Red Wine Glass

Essential companion for Sunday evenings, burger nights, and those who know a little red-wine-mouth never hurt anybody.

The perfect diameter for your red to breathe, and let you breathe in the wine’s bouquet – that’s the beauty of a Burgundy-inspired bowl. Plus, all set for the lip to land and naturally tip your drink toward the back of your mouth, where you’re best able to best taste bold, deep flavors. And when you’ve had too much of those flavors? A Titanium-reinforced stem keeps your glass safe should you drop it. Phew.



The White Wine Glass

Preferred vessel for Chardonnay loyalists, the hangover-prone, and anyone trying to make summer happen 365 days a year.


The seamless stem is ergonomically crafted for your hand to rest just at the right spot, thumb against pointer, to keep your warm hands away from that cool vino. Follow it up to the bowl – expertly shaped and tapered to showcase aroma – then feast your eyes on the roundest part. That’s the “bell” of the glass, and it’s the ideal point to toast with: no spills, and it makes for the loudest clink. Cheers!



The Champagne Flute

Waiting on the shelf for hard-won promotions, board game nights that need a little zing, and your most refreshing glass of seltzer ever.


Up top, we’ve got a limited surface area and a slightly tapered opening – the better for keeping things bubbly and bright. And since we’re never ones for “just a bit”, we built our flutes on the bigger size, at 8.25 oz. That’s larger than usual, but not so hefty that you’ll look like a Real Housewife. Bonus: Chip-resistant glass and our signature reinforced stems ensure they’ll stand up to plenty of clinks.



The Stemless Wine Glass

Because love means never having to switch glasses when you decide to switch colors after your first drink.


The perfect compromise of bowl size. Wide enough to properly decant your reds, not so much so that your whites will warm too quickly. Plus, the generous mouth means it’s easy to drink from – no need to lift up too high like other stemless varieties. Add in the low center of gravity and slightly weighted base and you’re looking at the workhorse of wine glasses.



The Martini Glass

Because making a proper martini is a rite of passage and olives are delicious and deserve pride of place.  


Why the long stem? It’s extra-tall as a precaution, because we want your Martini to stay icy cold as long as physically possible while you hold it from the base. As for that familiar triangle silhouette? It’s not just for show, the extra exposure to air improves the gin’s taste (no matter which shelf you bought it from), and the V-shape helps keep the ingredients from separating. Bonus: This is built a bit larger than average, so you have room for a longer pour and a proper collar, i.e. the space between the drink and rim.



The Short Tumbler

Partner in crime to your cocktail shaker with a rim just begging for a citrus wedge (or a salt rub).


Built strong from the bottom up – the extra weight at the base not only keeps this glass grounded, but makes for a gorgeous pedestal for your cocktail, especially when you hold it up to the light. You’ll also notice the rim is thin and even, thanks to our laser-cut process. And don’t be deceived by its compact frame – at 11 oz., this can hold several chunky ice cubes, (nearly!) an entire can of soda, or more than 7 shots of whisky. Just not at the same time (not that you’d want to).



The Pilsner Glass

I.e. your step up from drinking out of the bottle or can. Yes, you’ll notice the difference right away. Yes, with cheap beer.


Our entire collection is made from crystallized glass, and in this case, you’ll appreciate it even more as it makes for top-notch clarity to appreciate your beer’s color and carbonation. A fluted top helps to bring out the flavor profile, and leave ample room for just the right amount of foam. And of course, the weighted bottom helps keep things stable (even after a few too many drinks).




Bottom line: We know that every drink you pour comes with a fair amount of consideration. We feel we owe the same to every glass we sell. Every piece of our collection is crafted with specific goals and purposes – no afterthoughts, no “just-because” pieces. Because when you’re trusting us to be the pedestal for your morning glass of water (or nightcap), we want to make sure that nothing stands between you and your drink but pure excellence.

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