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Animal House: Look Who’s Cozy


Humans may have invented the term “influencer”, but no one masters the art form better than animals. Need proof? They #wokeuplikethis well before the dawn of hashtags, filters, even Beyoncé.


Clearly, we’d be remiss not to contribute our part to the hefty internet catalog of pets napping, posing, and unboxing. We’ve compiled a dozen of them here for your convenience – they’re primed and ready for your procrastination or nap-inspiration needs.


Meet the side sleepers, cover hogs, afternoon nappers, and Monday-haters. They are not interested in this idea of “leaving the house” because seriously, why? They are indoor kids, through and through, and think your idea about going to brunch is insane. They’re done with you, good night. Yes, they understand it’s only 11am.


Left to right: @saritawalsh, @mlle_una, @stephleydecker, @betterhappier


Next up, the selfie-blockers, champion cuddlers, and bookworms. They know that the best things in life tend to come from those humans they live with, so they’re here for your photos, to let you play second fiddle while they steal the show. Always photo-ready, only sometimes thirsty, and infinitely generous about making sure you get to show off your good side.


Left to right: @justinfenner, @Hey__judes, @ashleydarryl, @philvalles


And finally, our accessorizers. The homemakers, coffee pushers, fort-builders, and deep sleepers. They are confident in their own star power but know that a good prop can take things to the next level. Do you see a box? They see a retreat. These are the creative geniuses that, make no mistake, are going to take your job before Gen Z. does. Watch them closely.


Left to right: @lottieonilica, @betterhappier, @thelaceyminimalist, @wendwilliam  


And now, all that’s missing? Your contribution. Post your SNOWE-loving pets on Instagram with #StartWithSnowe. You know they want you to.


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