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Calculating Better Living Through Cost-Per-Use


What’s a truly amazing night’s sleep worth to you? The kind where you zonk out the moment your head hits the pillow, and then wake up before your alarm feeling almost unnaturally rested, and are able to carry that feeling throughout the day?


Anyone who’s chalked up a new suit or handbag as an investment knows the concept of “cost-per-wear” well. But the concept tends not to come up in the home world, even where small investments in long-lasting products make an enormous impact on quality of life. So, allow us to show off our math skills as we break down the long-term benefits of investing in your home and self.


To keep things consistent, we did our calculations according to the cost-per-use over two years. Yes, all of our essentials are crafted to last years longer than that. But since you won’t need a 10-year payment plan to afford these pieces, we figured this was the easiest way.

Let’s start with that mythical night of sleep we were talking about. What if you could recreate it on cue?



“Bonne nuit. I sleep better with these than when I was a young girl.” -Natascha P.





It’s hard to improve on the bliss of a perfectly-heated bath or shower. And even harder to convince yourself to emerge. That’s the magic of bath linens you don’t just use, but that you crave. Aka, extending the self-care ritual even when the water turns off.




“They are the best towels I have ever owned They are soft, just the right amount of fluffy, absorbent, and absolutely dreamy to wrap yourself up in after stepping out of the shower.” -Sarah H.


A great set of dinnerware becomes more than just pieces to eat your food off of – it turns a routine into an experience you’re eager to recreate every day. Why shouldn’t the most delicious things in your life get a proper pedestal?  




“For the longest time I've had some cheap plastic plates and wanted to upgrade to something much better in quality. I found Snowe and loved the simplistic design with high quality porcelain. Replaced all my plates with these and love them.” - Jonathan G.




When it comes to the ritual of having a drink, presentation plays a huge role. Because the difference between solid-feeling, cool-to-the-touch glass and a squeaky plastic water bottle is likely the difference between how many times you want to pick it up.  




“No more compromise between the fancy, entertaining glasses and the durable weeknight glasses. Get you a wine glass that does both.” -Cole K.




Ready to get started on your own math? We love hearing how you use your pieces day in and day out. Give us a shout at to let us know if you need a hand calculating your best choice, or if you want to share how much your upgrades are running you over time.

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