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Clothing Optional: Vacation Dressing Made Easy

What are you wearing on your next vacation? May we entice you to reconsider your current resortwear and replace it with… a towel? Consider: it always fits, provides countless looks, and requires no dry-cleaning. It’s the dream outfit, minus the part about it not actually being an outfit.

Hear us out.


See, traditionally, Resort collections (also called Cruise, Pre-Spring, or Collection Croisière) allowed designers to introduce their most vacation-friendly options for those wealthy enough to escape the cold in winter. Since then, it’s transformed into a fashion calendar staple that’s allowed brands to bring their A-game with runway shows staged everywhere from Kyoto to Cuba. Which means the resort collections you see today are less about what to wear literally on the beach (we love you, Alexander Wang leather bustier, but we won’t risk you in the sand).

So we’re taking a cue from the cruise collections of yore. Think ‘20’s-era Coco Chanel sailing in clothes people actually wanted to wear on vacation – easy jersey tops, pants for women (Mon Dieu!), and of course, stripes. Glorious stripes.





While our collection of elevated home basics commits to a super-neutral range of solids, we got fresh with our beach towels. They’re plush, lightweight, quick to dry, and appointed with timeless Breton stripes in your choice of primary colors – or, black or grey, because monochrome is always a good idea.

So as you’re bemoaning the cold, perhaps planning some sort of escape, allow us to recommend some key styling tips to maximize your resort wardrobe. Are we fashion experts? No. We’re obsessed with making the perfect pieces for your home, not body. But. Does everyone look good in stripes, and do we have fun at our photo shoots? Hard yes.





Looking for a simple, elegant option for day drinking in the sand? Look no further than a sleek black-and-white striped towel – goes with any color of flip flop, and any wine varietal. Simply wrap around your body and secure a corner just behind you. More of a lounge look than a, say, beach volleyball look. Unless you’re going for a dramatic mid-game swimsuit reveal. And, if so, bravo.






For a look that’s part bathleisure, part art muse, part supermodel, there’s no greater headpiece than a brilliant and cascading blue stripe. It’s an instant upgrade for hair that’s chlorine-ravaged, plagued by sea air, or simply unbrushed because truly, who has the time? Wrap it loosely for a casual look, tightly for a free facelift.






Please note: our towels are wide – wider than a twin-size bed– so they make it easy to drape, wrap, and go incognito under the lightweight cotton. Also a great look for run-ins with exes, or “I woke up like this” selfies. Please note this look is not just for the beach. We are personal fans of trying it for running out for coffee or purchasing gossip magazines.






Place an ever-so-slightly twisted towel around your neck and watch the possibilities unfold. It’s a napkin, it’s a cape, it’s a fashion statement. And it’s cool if you didn’t properly sunscreen your shoulders because we’re here to protect them. While mink stoles were the epitome of glamour in the 1920s, a terry version offers a similarly luxe (but decidedly more practical – and ethical) choice for the trek to the water’s edge.



Let’s face it, you are going to look incredible in all these towel looks. And when you’re ready to remove your towel couture, no need to treat it with extra care – it’s ready to fall back on its good looks and play beach blanket.  

Whatever style you have in mind for summer plans, we’re here for you – and duly await your own takes on how you’ll style our resort collection. Tag us in your best towel looks and you may just find yourself with a new towel to style. #StartWithSnowe

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