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Winter Spruce

Get your home ready to meet the family

Whether it’s your super fancy sister-in-law or old pals from college, show them just how sophisticated you are by nailing the adult sleepover. It’s easier than you think to host overnight guests: imagine what you’d want if you were sleeping over, and then make sure they have it. It’s really that simple. Host etiquette is recreating little moments that made past sleepovers sing, and then adding finishing touches here and there for a well-groomed guest room.

Wake Up Call

Heaven is the sound of someone else making coffee. There is nothing better than waking up at someone’s house to the sound of breakfast being made.The most considerate hosts have an early breakfast strategy, dash to get bagels, or at least preset the coffee pot.






Book Smart

Vacation homes always have tons of reading material, but it’s never anything you want. (No one is going to start War and Peace on a weekend trip.) You know them and their taste, so leave out a book you’ve chatted about, one of your favorites, or just a few magazines you know they love. If you think they’ll have some alone time: a pack of playing cards, a game or two, or even a quick puzzle keeps them occupied if your room is sans TV.


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    More or Less

    Make sure your linen closet is stocked with extras—and extras of all kinds. Tons of blanket options are great—but not if they are all super heavy. Variety is the spice of bed making, so have lightweight and heavier options is important. Make sure they can control the controls too: a little fan or a note about how to control the AC is a step above.






    Petal Pusher

    Cut flowers telegraph a level of detail to aspire to, but don’t go crazy. An overly large arrangement cuts into precious nightstand space, can agitate their allergies, and feels a little grandmotherly. A bud vase with a stem or two is cool, curatorial, and considerate to the limited space.






    Get Blackout

    We know you’re smart enough to give them a sconce or a lamp on the nightstand. Go the extra mile and make sure the curtains in your room don’t force them to take in the early winter sunrise. A set of blackout liners will be deeply appreciated at 6 am.


    Iron It Out

    Before you balk, here’s the truth: you don’t have to iron the whole bed. Just quickly hit the pillowcases and the top of the sheets. To make sure the rest isn’t too wrinkly, pull sheets out of the dryer before they are completely dry (like 92%) and put them on the bed, smoothing them as you make it.






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    First Chair

    They don’t have to know your guest room is usually your dumping ground. Declutter the space before they arrive. Clear a little room in the closet. Empty a drawer for their clothes. You don’t have to run out and buy a luggage rack, but a chair they can rest and open their bag on (so they don’t have to crawl on the ground) means a lot.






    Light The Way

    Avoid after hours pratfalls by keeping them in bed (or at least in room). Water by bed in a carafe lets them stay hydrated and out of harm’s way. If they must make the treacherous walk to the kitchen or the bathroom, leave a light on.






    Five Stars

    Make them feel like they actually got a hotel. Nod to the hallowed pinnacle of hospitality with a little mint or chocolate on their pillow (bonus points if it’s a local variety). Swank it up with guest robes and slippers. They’ll appreciate their plushness and you’ll lower the risk of catching them nude.


    No Questions Asked

    The best hosts are a step ahead. Have the wifi password written on the desk. If your guests are going to be out without you, leave them keys with a key chain (so they don’t lose it) plus instructions on how to get in and out. Then go above and beyond. You know who is coming—tailor the room to them. A few signature touches (that cute pic of you in college, an extra blanket if you know they run cold) is more than any hotel could do.


    Awash in Options

    Imagine this good feeling: taking a shower and not having to use the very limited miniature products you brought with you. What you have in your guest bathroom should be all the things they need—shampoo, conditioner, soap, a hairdryer.


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