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Honey, You’re Home: Rethinking Bath Time

Not all time is created equal. Some of it drags in a way that defies the laws of physics – DMV lines, subway delays, root canals. Other times it, well, you know the cliché, sprouts wings and takes off. Usually during intense fits of laughter or deep concentration. The most frustrating part of all of it? You can’t quite control how and when time shapeshifts.


But wait. Can you? Our newest launch tests the idea. No NASA-level experiments going on here, but we were pleasantly surprised at how we were able to stretch our processes and imaginations to develop our new Honeycomb Towels.


So that you can stretch out time like never before. 


Let’s start with what you actually do, post-shower.


Maybe you lie on your bed, face-down, glued to your phone, tired, but not quite ready for sleep.


Or perhaps you’re sitting on the edge of your tub, staring at your legs, wondering if you should become the type of person who lotions them. Then fall down the mental rabbithole of considering beauty standards in general.


Maybe you’ve got the towel wrapped around your waist and know you really should get dressed because work’s waiting, but also shouldn’t you lay back down in bed for a moment, close your eyes, and do an imaginary walk-through of your morning routine first?


Then there’s the possibility that you’re freshly out of the bath, wrapped in your towel, looking at yourself in the steamy mirror. You can hear your typical family chaos happening outside the bathroom door, and smile to yourself because for this moment, you’re not a part of it.


Maybe you’ve showered in prep for a night out, outfit hanging up in the closet, the dinner reservation made. And as you stand there in your towel, start to think that maybe a night in is what you’re actually craving. Deciding between your armor for the outside world and your uniform for life at home, dressed in your between-worlds wardrobe, deciding what part of your personality to embrace tonight.


Those little pockets of time – those in-between moments before you fully dive into your work-self, or me-time, or family drama – that’s what we imagine you getting upto in Honeycomb Towels. No, you’re probably not practicing your leaps in your towel or throwing full-fledged cocktail party in the bath. But… why not dress like you could?


Here’s How We Created A Flexible Uniform For Flexing Time.


It starts in Italy, with 100% long-staple cotton fabric in the hands of the skilled craftsmen and women in our manufacturing partner’s factory. They put the raw material through a unique enzyme wash that’s free of dangerous chemicals (yes, even the legal ones) to warp the fabric, shrinking it into itself. Think about your fingers and toes when you’re in the bath too long, pruning up and creating grooves, then imagine our lightweight cotton doing the same – but with permanent results. 


Instead of creating grooves, the wash creates pockets where there were none. The pockets are honeycomb-like in that each one is unique and powerful – it lends the towels an added element of absorbency, as well as a little bit of give. Not stretch per se, these towels are 100% cotton, 0% spandex. But thanks to the cotton’s reaction, with those little magic pockets, you can pull on one edge to watch it expand a hint to its full size.


So, what else will you get up to in your towel?


The part where you’re home in your towel – pure bliss. But that’s not all we had in mind. Part of what makes the towel the perfect flexible companion is that its lightweight construction allows it to dry quickly, and roll-up small, so it’s easy to grab-and-go. Pack it for impromptu picnics, extra-sweaty spin classes, a back-up baby blanket (or burp cloth). Really, whatever your life calls for.


You might recognize our signature honeycomb construction from the editor-favorite Honeycomb Robe. The Robe is a first-rate choice for relaxation time – it’s perfect when you’re watching TV, eating breakfast, or settling in for a designated self-care session. But we know that some of the best downtime isn’t always planned.


So. Wrap yourself up in the lightweight, textured fabric. Embrace that hint of magic stretch, and settle in to the magic, often-ignored part of your day. It’s up to you to decide how long you’ll stay. And how long it will feel.

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