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How To Build The Perfect Summer Bed


As the temperatures heat up it’s tempting to shed all the layers from your bed. “I’m melting,” you say. “I cast out my blankets, exile my duvet, banish pajamas until September, and sleep beneath only the ceiling fan.” While we can’t tell you what to actually wear to bed, we can tell you that your bedding instincts are wrong.


More heat doesn’t necessarily equal fewer sheets. You want something to snuggle up in that won’t make you sweat, and the key is picking pieces that breathe. You don’t need fewer layers, just more breathable ones. Tuck yourself in without tucking the heat in too with lightweight comforters, feather-soft throws, and stay-cool sheets. Your kingdom of comfort awaits.

STEP 1: Start With Stay-Cool Sheets 

Here you want to set the tone of breathability. The wrong sheets can be stifling. If your fabric is too thick you’ll just burrito all that hot air in with you. Linen bedding is a great choice for either sheets or a duvet (we’ll get more into Linen Duvets later). So is our Percale. It’s woven specifically to hit the perfect balance of breathability and smoothness with a matte finish that gives it a cool hand—imagine if your entire bed felt like the flipside of your pillow. Natural materials breathe better, and our sheets are made from 100% long-staple cotton. The loose weave of Percale allows for optimal airflow, so the only thing staying in bed is you and whoever you invite in. See what base works best for you—this freshness is a matter of you and your bedmate’s preference.




Step 2: Run for Coverlet (or a Lightweight Comforter)

Even if you’re not a gambler, we recommend doubling down on one of two lightweight champs: our lightweight down or down alternative comforter. These babies clock in at 40% less feather fill than our all-season comforter and a good lightweight comforter can feel like the less anxiety-tinged version of a gravity blanket. Ours is filled with Premium French white down, and have you seen ducks in the summer? They never sweat. The ultra-soft OEKO-TEX certified cotton shell is smooth, supple, and quiet (so you aren’t crunching the bed if you toss or turn). It also looks especially lovely turned down at the end of the bed, if you just want to keep your feet a little warmer.




Now, if the thought of a comforter makes you break into a sweat, a nice substitute might be a coverlet. A coverlet is the perfect solution for even the balmiest of summer nights. You want something that feels soft and cozy, but you don’t want the weight of a blanket or duvet. Our version features a unique Softexture—the wash transforms 100% long-staple cotton into a textured layer that looks extra polished even when the bed isn’t made. The lighter, looser weave means a little bit of AC won’t make you feel like you are in the Arctic. It’s the sort of layer you imagine a hip traveler wearing on the Moroccan sands as night falls—or the dedicated binge watcher pulling out as they snuggle up for the fourth episode of the night.




Step 3: Do the Right Duvet 

Of course, if you go the comforter route, you’ll want to dress it in something light-as-air. So, we recommend wrapping it in a luxurious duvet. Linen is the obvious choice as it’s been the preferred fabric of the summer for eons because it’s ideal for warmer temps, but soft texture does the job just as well. Neither will stick to you (even if you are a little sticky) and if they do end up wet, they dry in a jiff. While some linen can feel stiff, ours is as light as meringue, thanks to an innovative process that blasts, tumbles, and whips Italian linen with bursts of air for maximum smoothness. So not only do you look like you’re going to sleep in an Italian Villa, your bed will feel as buttery as a Bagna Cauda.




Step 4: Top it Off with a Throw

You still need to accessorize and the right throw is as important as summer sunglasses. You want something you can bundle up in under the ceiling fan or trot out to the porch with for those crisp nights. Might we suggest lambswool? Our Checked Throw is enviably thin, moisture-wicking, and a playful spin on the gingham prints you’ll see on every man and picnic table until Labor Day. If you want a little more luxury, opt for our Fringed Throw, which adds in cashmere for good measure. The two-toned color palette makes it as versatile as the denim jacket you reach for when the sun goes down.




Ultimately, like the perfect summer outfit, it’s up to you to figure out what feels right. This is more of a choose-your-own-adventure guide than a how-to manual. Test out different textures, explore new materials, and you’ll know you’ve nailed it when you wake up feeling dry and as rested as ever. You’ll skip sleeping under the stars in favor of sleeping under our bedding all-starts. Come to think of it, who needs the outdoors anyway? It’s not such a bad idea to stay in bed ‘til fall.

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