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Our Ultimate How To Fold a Fitted Sheet Guide

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried it, folding a fitted sheet always feels like a Herculean task.  We’ve tried every technique in the book, but when it comes to the best way to fold a fitted sheet, a lot of the guidance out there is either overly complicated or still results in wrinkles.  If you’re committed to the perfect fold, check out our step-by-step guide below (complete with illustrations!) to master storing your fitted sheet once and for all.




One word of advice before you start: folding a fitted sheet is easiest as a two-person job.  If you don’t have a partner in crime on laundry day, we recommend using a clean, non-marring surface to lay your sheet down and make sure you’re getting everything corner to corner with the first 1-2 folds before it becomes more manageable.  This is also likely to be a trial and error process, so if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again until you have the hang of it.


Okay, enough talking about theoretical folds.  Let’s get to the guide:



Step 1: 


With your sheet inside out, slip your hand inside each fitted corner and hold your sheet up.





Step 2:


With your hands inside each corner, bring your hands together as if you’re clapping.





Step 3:


In the clapping position, flip the left corner over the right corner so your sheet is now right side out.





Step 4:


Turn your whole sheet. Repeat the same process of folding the left corner over the right.





Step 5:


At this point, you’ll see your sheets have created an upside down “L”.





Step 6:


Fold into thirds, starting with the right side, then fold the left.





Step 7:


Fold your sheet into thirds again. Start at the bottom and fold upward, then fold the top of your sheet downward to create a small rectangle.





Step 8:


Once your sheets are folded, our friends at Neat Method recommend placing them in soft-sided bins that won’t snag the fabric. Make sure to separate them into categories that make sense for you, whether that’s by size, type or purpose. Lastly, don’t forget to label your bins so your system is easy for everyone in your home to maintain.  



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