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How To Make The Perfect Winter Bed

Ah, the yearly tradition of watching the temperature drop and the clothes pile on. And as the winds pick up speed, and street style gets puffier, everyone’s got their unique take on layering to stay warm (but not sweaty) and cozy (but not frumpy). Those most successful have a step-by-step process that’s not unlike layering up the ultimate winter hot-spot: Your bed.

The inexperienced go overboard on base layers, with stifling flannel sheets, then skimp on the top, with loosely-woven blankets or cheaply-filled duvets. So we’re taking the opportunity to share our best practices, for anyone looking to transform their bed into a haven that looks like a dream and feels like the ultimate comfort zone. So hands off the thermostat, and cancel your order for the wearable sleeping bag. We’re making a bed so cozy you’ll prefer sleeping in the nude.




STEP 1: Lay Down The Sheets

Consider your base layer when dressing yourself – the items closest to your body should be extra soft and cozy, without being so heavy they make you sweat. Our top choice here? Sateen. (Yes, we even know a handful of die-hard Percale fans who swap theirs out for winter). It’s a simple switch that will make sure you feel a hug-like coziness before you even start stacking on the layers. And note: Not all Sateens are created equal. Our 100% long-staple cotton version isn’t slippery or glossy like some of the lower-end versions you’ll see out there. It’s more of a favorite-shirt-fresh-out-of-the-wash feel that cocoons you from head to toe.




STEP 2: Layer In A Coverlet OR Quilt

Before you throw on your comforter – wait! This is your sweater layer. Something soft and just heavy enough to lay on the Sateen top sheet with a hint of weight and a welcome insulation. Remember how excited you felt when that first whiff of sweater weather showed up in October? Let this remind you of that. Our coverlet, with its unique Softexture wash, leaves this layer feeling incredibly soft, with just the right amount of heft. And sure, looks aren’t everything, but the change in texture does offer a subtle yet attractive contrast. Prefer a slightly heavier-ply sweater? Meet its equivalent, the quilt. A cotton shell packed with premium fill adds substance without plumpness, so the bed still looks streamlined and elegant. This is also the key layer of your bed that you’ll want to drag off to the sofa for a marathon TV-watching session. (It’s machine-washable, aka popcorn-safe.)




STEP 3: Choose Your Comforter

Now we’re ready to get puffy. If you’re the type that often wakes up chilly, or always opts for the most heavy-duty winter jacket – the kind that looks and feels more like you’re shouting mush at huskies than walking to get coffee – it’s no contest. The All-Season, Down-Filled Comforter is your happy place. Meanwhile, hot sleepers, even those living in the coldest temperatures, prefer the Lightweight. Truly. You should see how many of these we ship to Michigan. It may be named “Lightweight” but it’s mighty, especially when layered up properly. Now, in case you’re allergy prone, go with our Down-Alternative Comforters, which replicate our (ethically-sourced!) white duck down fill brilliantly. And finally, whatever comforter you choose will look nice and contoured when wrapped up neatly into a Sateen Duvet Cover. Which yes, aesthetically, makes for a dreamy coherent look between the sheets and duvet cover. And no, your eyes aren’t open to enjoy this view while you’re asleep, but why not give yourself some top-tier dream inspo before going to bed?





 STEP 4: Throw On Something Extra 

As for the equivalent of your scarf, hat, and gloves? A Throw or Quilt. Depending on how you’ve built your bed so far, you can add a final bit of weight and warmth that also increases your style points. Already used a Quilt as a lower layer? Go throw blanket. (It also serves nicely as an end-of-bed layer, for chilly feet). We’re partial to our Australian lambswool and Mongolian cashmere version, with the stripes and fringe. Now, if you went with the slightly lighter-weight coverlet as your sweater-layer, now’s your moment to add the Quilt as your top layer. Sensing the versatility here? Good. Our goal is to amp up your arsenal of cozy for you to stack up as you see fit. Light layers mean you have the ability to gradually increase warmth based on your body temperature, and then fling them off, one by one, if needed. Especially helpful if you live somewhere with a finicky thermostat that cranks up for no reason at 4am. (Just us?)

Ultimately, like the perfect outfit, it’s up to you to figure out what feels right. This is more of a choose-your-own-adventure guide than a how-to manual. Play with layers, change things up, and you’ll know you’ve nailed it when you wake up feeling nice and toasty, like you never want to leave your brilliant cocoon. Know what? Who needs that winter jacket anyway. It’s not such a bad idea to stay in bed ‘til springtime.


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