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How to Move and Not Lose Your Mind (We Promise)

Moving Boxes



We’re not going to say that we hacked moving, but if you do these things you might not swear allegiance to your subpar studio anymore.




Summer is in full swing, and with it comes that other favorite season: moving time. There are myriad reasons for moving in summer--the kids are out of school, new graduates are relocating, there’s no polar vortex to put a damper on loading up the trucks.  Still, there’s a reason why moving at any time is consistently listed as one of the more stressful life events, along with major illness and death of a loved one. It can be unpleasant even if everything goes according to plan.  


You discover the a/c isn’t working properly and spend a long day of emptying boxes in 88 degree heat. The couch doesn’t fit through the entryway, so the Couch Doctor is summoned.  You swear you wrapped it in bubble and tissue, but your partner’s prized African statue arrives sans arms...and so forth. Once you’re moved in though, your home is a refuge, where you can hopefully create a space filled with things you love. To help get your home to sanctuary status quicker, we’ve assembled a punch list of tips and tricks to make moving suck less.   Snowe Glassware and boxes

Plan, pack, and shop your way to a more mellow move. 

It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

1. The Purge: Purge your place before you pack, and no we don’t mean leaving those books you never read on the street in a box marked “free” the night before. Spend the month before you’re out strategically going through your clothes, books, and tchotchkes, and dropping them off to donate. Better yet, turn your trash into someone else’s treasure with services like Tradesy or your local consignment shop. 


2. Pack for a One Night Stand: Don’t arrive at your destination only to open 30 boxes trying to find your toothpaste. Pack your overnight essentials, including a change of clothes in an separate bag. Then you can focus on getting the most done the first day—not hunting and pecking til you’ve put hands on pajamas.


Be Kind to Yourself, But Ruthless with Stuff

3. Start Small: When it comes to unpacking, it’s best to give yourself some small wins. Unloading the bathroom first means you can feel like a champion in almost no time—and you can shower the next day like you aren’t in a warzone.

4. Rebox Some of Those Boxes: Don’t be afraid to preen as you unpack. Evaluate things as you pull them out and don’t be afraid to get rid of them before they even get placed. Set aside a box for new items to donate or sell.


Priorities, People

5. Back to Basic (Needs): You don’t need a huge piece of statement art, a vintage kilim, or a dutch oven right off the bat. When you are moving in, focus on the stuff you need the most—a place to sleep, eat, etc. The pieces you use every day are more important than accessories right now.  

6. Do the Math: When you’re looking at big pieces consider their investment status. You can spend more on a dining room table you know will fit in your next home, but you should skimp on storage items or decor that solves a specific apartment problem. Divide an item by how long you’ll think you’ll use it and you’ll find it’s not as “expensive” as it sounded.

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