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How To Snack Like An Adult

How to Snack with Snowe 


Find us a person who doesn’t count some sort of sea-salted, creamy or carb-y snack as a guilty pleasure and we’ll show you a liar – or, just someone with otherworldly willpower.




We’re not here to be willpower enforcers, but we are taking the chance to call attention to quite possibly the easiest way to make your snack better. Better as in tastier, healthier, and less likely to trigger a guilt trip.


Put it on a plate. Yep. That’s it. Because whether you’re snacking on kale chips or powdered cheese-encrusted doodles, the simple act of plating them is going to make you feel like a civilized human. It makes the whole experience less rushed and less regretful. It turns your snack into a moment; not something you’re plowing your way through, guilt building from the moment you first stick your hand in the bag.


Think of it as our sensible, elevated take on snacking  – even when the snack itself is hardly a “healthy” one. Because sometimes we all need some donut holes or duck fat chips. And nothing tastes worse than a guilt hangover.


Snowe Appetizer Plates

Raising the bar on snacking, one Appetizer Plate at a time. 


We’re hardly alone in championing this approach. LA-based nutritionist Jennie Miremadi, is a huge advocate of plating your snack, with the additional step of putting away all distractions while you eat. “This can help you become more aware of what you are eating, which can help you stop eating when your body is satisfied,” she tells us.


And no matter if you’re digging into carrot sticks or pretzel sticks, awareness is awareness, and seeing those babies on a plate is a much different experience than suddenly reaching in and discovering – surprise! The bag is empty. Where’d all those pretzels go?!

Snowe Bowl (with ice cream sundae)

Late night ice cream made elegant, thanks to this bowl.

 Here’s a primer to get started: our salad plate is beautifully-sized for a healthy snack (if you’re looking for a good one, crackers and Jennie’s sun-dried tomato, basil & cashew spread is a major winner). Our appetizer plate is just right-sized for making your afternoon croissant look as hefty and delicious as it is, rather than a small speck on a giant plate (also, great for serving a handful-sized portion of nuts). Get creative with a tea cup and saucer and turn it into the perfect single-serving of cucumber and hummus.


And we can tell you all that, er, “practice” eating ice cream out of the container only proves that it tastes far better from a beautiful bowl. Even if it’s at midnight, while watching TV. Scratch that: especially at midnight, while watching TV. Scoop your dessert into an expertly-contoured porcelain bowl, put those pints back in the freezer, and enjoy your guilty pleasure. Emphasis on the pleasure.

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