At Home

Introducing: The Whitespace

 Our latest release isn’t a product, it’s part showroom, part lab, part playground.

Frequent SNOWE shoppers know that our collection’s best assets become clear upon use: the sheets that feel so lavish against bare legs you consider sleeping nude; the lip of a champagne flute so perfectly formed it makes even the cheap stuff taste top shelf. And as much as we hope to get that across, through our product descriptions, our photography, and our magazine, we’ve been inspired by YOU, our customers, to take it to the next level.


Enter: The Whitespace. Our founders Rachel and Andres have opened up Snowe’s New York City offline home to serve as our first-ever showroom/interactive product experience/grown-up rec room. If the true SNOWE lifestyle is whatever you make of it in your own home; The Whitespace is our chance to show you our design fantasy come to life. Yes, its primary role is to let you interact with our pieces, so you’ll get to see and feel every item you’ve ever admired online. But since we know man cannot live on porcelain and crystallized glass alone, we’ve also designed a space that makes use of other incredible brands, big and small, to help put everything in proper context. (Stay tuned on The Magazine for our next report with a deep dive into the who’s who of Whitespace design partners.)


We’ll also be hosting a revolving cast of creatives, from visiting chefs holding demonstrations, to styling sessions with designers, film screenings, and more - why have such a space if we can’t share it? There’s always something inspiring – and a little playful – happening at The Whitespace, and we want you there to see it.


So maybe you’re ready to start your wedding registry, trying to stock a first grown-up apartment with the classics, want to smell every single one of our candles, or are fully obsessed with one SNOWE product and want to try them all ASAP.


Here’s how it works: You walk in and are immediately greeted with a surprise drink inspired by the reason for your visit – or the weather, because sometimes it’s just a hot cocoa day. Then we’ll walk you around the space with chances to test-drive our pieces for the full, in-context experience. You’ll get to feel the exact difference between our percale and sateen sheeting, decide for yourself if you’d rather drink your cocktails  from a tall or short tumbler, and maybe enjoy some yummy appetizers along the way. Because who wants to shop when you’re hangry?


You’ll notice we’ll leave it to you to pour your wine from decanter to glass; we want you to experience the effortless, sexy way it feels in your hand, and the expert precision that means you’ll never lose a drop. Same with letting you serve yourself appetizers thoughtfully sourced from neighboring businesses and friends – we’ll let you discover the unprecedented joy of the designated finger rests on our cheese board.


Since we’re so big on the hands-on approach, you’ll notice we won’t make you juggle boxes and bags here; anything you decide you can’t live without, we’ll ship right to your door. For free, because that’s how we roll.


Now: how to get in? No secret codes or knocks here, but appointments are a hot commodity.  Click here to request an appointment, we recommend reserving a week in advance. Once approved, you’ll receive your confirmation email with details about your appointment.

And if you’re not in the NYC area, stay tuned for more dispatches from this space as we do our best to make it as inclusive, stylish, and fun as the ultimate location for SNOWE pieces: Your own home.