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It’s a Win-Win: Support WIN, Women In Need


Every year, the holiday season is your home’s big moment – celebrations, traditions, and memories, all taking place in your home. In an ideal world, this would be the case for everyone.

Unfortunately, there are far too many approaching the holidays, and every day, without the security and joy of home. So as we set out to choose a partner to support for Giving Tuesday and beyond, our team spent weeks poring over information from many worthy organizations, trying to find the right one to put our full weight behind. We found that in WIN, Women in Need, the organization that’s been supporting homeless women and children in New York City since 1983. WIN’s commitment to helping families find their way back home through providing accommodations and thoughtful services is an inspiration to us.

Not only does WIN operate 1,200 safe, quiet, private housing units – as well as supportive housing for mothers and families with special needs – they provide key services ranging from childcare to employment counseling to life coaching. It’s all in support of their ultimate goal for each family: To help them get a real home, the kind they build those celebrations, traditions, and memories around.

Of course, home means more than the walls around you. So for every family they place in a WIN shelter, they provide the Essentials, a kit of basic necessities, from sheets and towels to soap and shampoo to pots, pans, and dinnerware. It’s an incredible gesture and gift that serves as a tangible reminder of WIN’s commitment to each family’s new foundation. As they put it, “Dignity and comfort are important to help families settle in so they can begin to focus on their life transformation rather than on struggling to survive.”



At Snowe, we design incredible products to enrich your everyday moments and milestones and that last for years to come. We're aware that this is a luxury in itself, to be able to create an elevated foundation to build your home around.

Today, we'll work towards helping others build their foundation, for every purchase of $250 of more, we’ll sponsor an Essentials Kit for a new family. And for purchases of less than $250, we’ll send 15% of your purchase price directly to WIN, to further fund the inspiring work they do.

This isn’t the last you’ll hear from us about WIN. Our team is gearing up to partner with them further over the next year, through additional support as well as committing our time to help support their mission.

For now, we look forward to wrapping the day with a major donation – and major amount of Essentials Kits – shipping out to WIN, all with your help.

It’s one thing to enjoy the little luxuries that make home so special. But home itself shouldn’t be a luxury.

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