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Low Serving Bowl

No matter what your meal prep looks like behind the scenes, the low sides of this serving bowl gives you a classic way to show off your work at the table.

Made of the highest quality porcelain.

Timeless, light-weight form for every occasion.

Fired at high temperatures for superior durability.

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We've thoughtfully designed a collection of home essentials using the highest quality materials in the world. By working directly with the best European factories, we're able to offer exceptional products at a lower cost compared to other premium retailers.

Meet Our Porcelain. We Know You'll Get Along.

Crafted in Portugal using the highest-quality porcelain from Limoges, France, our partner pairs the finest materials with generations of Portuguese porcelain artistry. Each piece is designed according to strict standards, creating a non-porous, flawlessly smooth, and highly durable product that won't stain, scratch or crack. Sometimes it's the basic ingredients that can make or break a dish. Literally.

Down Time at the Table

More often than not, we know that mealtime is about take out and a temporary respite from a hectic day. That's why our serveware works beyond the fancy moments. Even if it's collecting chopsticks and soy sauce on the table, you'll use these serving essentials every day.

Tips For Life

When it comes to putting out food, it’s all about the flow. When preparing a buffet, set your guests up for success. Stack plates at the start of the line, with flatware at the end. Between that, vary the heights of what you’re serving and lead with things you want folks to fill up on at the front. Whether you encourage them to unbutton their pants at the end is your choice.

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