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Listen To Your Mother

Shop for your mom the way that she would: brilliantly.


Moms give good advice – they can’t help it. It’s all part of their obsessive work raising great humans (yes, you). So forgive them for the occasional nag, or better yet, use it to inform your gift-giving process. And when she opens up the box this May 14th, it’ll make her realize what’s she’s been hoping  all along: you were listening.

If your mom’s always telling you...

“Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep”

She’s tuned in to what matters – and knows how to tune out what doesn’t. Thank her with the ultimate set of bedding – our Complete Sleep Bundle – that transforms just about any bed into a plush, luxurious destination. With a fitted and a flat sheet, a duvet cover, 2 shams and 4 pillowcases, it gives magazine-quality good looks, and sleeping pill-quality great shut-eye.

Up the ante: Add on a year’s subscription to Headspace. Because why not make great sleep even better?

If your mom’s always asking you…

“Hi, I’m in a movie/at church/paying for my groceries right now, everything OK???”

Is there a support group for mothers who pick up the phone every time you call, whether it’s the middle of the night or the middle of her favorite show? No, but they are a breed that could use – and yes, will appreciate – a candle picked out just for them to lend some zen. We’re partial to our Staycation Candle, with an exclusive scent that blends tonka bean, cardamom, and juniper berries. Calming, soothing, but not snooze-inducing.

Up the ante: A relaxing evening at home pairs with, well, two words: wine club. Winc will send her four bottles of wine a month – and yes, you can specify only reds, or whites. Because we know she has an opinion.

If your mom’s always telling you…

“Oh, lighten up!”

This is the woman who survived your teen angst, she knows a bit about keeping a positive attitude. Show her you know how to prepare for the best as well by ordering her the Spa Set. The bathrobe's relaxed fit and plush texture accompanied by our Rinse & Repeat Candle easily make those “why not?” treat-your-self days even easier.

Up the ante: A classic monogram necklace from Catbird says “You deserve 14k gold” in an unexpected and personalized way.

If your mom’s always asking you…

“Don’t you want to bring a jacket?”

The student becomes the teacher when you show up with a Throw Blanket made with a triple threat of cashmere, merino lambswool, and silk that makes it as warm as any puffer jacket she forced on you through your K-12 days. Of course, this one’s more suited for inside-wear, though we wouldn’t put it past a fashion-savvy mom to march this static-resistant, Italian-made beauty right out the door. It is, after all, freezing out there.

Up the ante: If she’s going to be cozied up at home, why not make it a treat-yourself moment for the woman who’s been treating you your whole life? Tata Harper’s “Multi-masking collection” will give her the perfect start.

If your mom’s always telling you…

“I didn’t raise you in a barn!”

You never put your elbows on the table, you never start eating until the last person’s food has arrived, and you always ask to be excused. Yes, your good manners are thanks enough, but it doesn’t hurt to gift your mom a set of Serving Bowls and a Hostess Set of utensils so she can continue to entertain in good taste.

Up the ante: Flowers. Via your favorite app or bodega. We know you can handle this part.

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