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Get cozy in Snowe bedding.

What are our beds, if not the brilliantly cozy, sexy, quicksand-like backdrops to all the best things in life? Their siren song is strong – that pull of full-body relaxation, the promise of clearing your racing mind, if only for a few hours – it’s the closest thing we have to time-travel. So it’s no surprise our beds are tempting us to skip the gym, the bar – outside in general, really – in favor of curling up under a blanket and diving into your favorite things in the world. Known in polite company as rest and romance.




But since that’s not all we do in our beds, we’re exploring all the possibilities. Join us all for a little fantastical, stream-of-consciousness dive into our beds’ secret lives, inspired by whispers from our own pajama parties. And featuring SNOWE’s brand new collection of bedding basics. Relaxing in bed

Venting or decompressing require some serious pillow propping. 


 Your Bed, Your Therapist’s Couch

The therapist takes many forms – your mom, on speaker phone, and always on your side. Your dog, belly upwards for rubs (mutually therapeutic). Your partner, with their phone on silent and stashed across the room because god help them if they’re going to try and check their email while you discuss your hair-trigger reaction to loud-talkers. What remains the same? The perks of being in your own space – breathable, cushy bedding to lounge in, a lax cocktail policy, and some spa-like tendencies when the mood strikes.

Hula Hoop in Bed

Who said family time didn't mean piling in bed?


Your Bed, Your Family Playground
Forget “family time” being relegated to the dinner table, and your contribution to the conversation being “school’s fine, Moooom.” It’s much easier to chat in a lower-pressure situation. So after getting changed into pajamas but before actual bedtime, you organize some family bed-time. Sometimes there’s action figures, or homework, or tablets – but every time, you’ll end up getting an earful of who likes who, which teacher’s killing it, or why kittens are superior to puppies. Or, just prop up against the pillows for some snuggly screentime.

Balloons in Bed

 We've said it before, we'll say it again : staying in is the new going out. 


Your Bed, Your Party
It takes a lot to mentally prepare for pants without an elastic waist. Who doesn’t prefer lounging in pjs, phone nearby with the little folder of dating apps, broadcasting all the available options without the crazy-loud music that makes you feel 10 years older? Sink into your sheets to swipe, stalk, fantasize, screenshot, and roll your eyes to your heart’s content – then toss the phone aside and chill when it becomes too much. When you start a conversation, it should be as your best self, and your best self is comfortable. And horizontal. 

Confetti in bed

Meditating in bed can be a tricky proposition with a comforter this cushy. 


Your Bed, Your Zen
You wish you were one of those people who make their bedroom a laptop-free zone. But the next best thing is counterbalancing all that noise by meditating in bed every morning. It helps set your intention for the day. On the days you do it, you’ll waste less time on social media, and handle passive aggressive emails more swiftly. Will you stay awake through meditating in bed every single time? No. But maybe it’s better that way. Credit the hyper-soft, more-comfy-than-a-cloud comforter.



We know it doesn’t stop there. Our beds are our movie theatres, our gyms, our craft stations – really, our everything.

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