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One Nightstand: With Uprise Art Founder and CEO Tze Chun

 One Nightstand with Tze Chun from Uprise Art


We’ve said it before: a nightstand is a modern-day pedestal – keeper of the most important secrets and essentials in our lives. And in this installment of our peek into where the stylish set sleeps, Uprise Art founder and CEO Tze Chun is letting us into the bedroom of her Brooklyn loft. Tze and her husband Geoff unplug in this tailored zen space, grounded by their home’s exposed brick walls and white percale bedding.


While you might expect someone who spends her day dealing in rainbow “Puddle lumps” and electric pastels, to be color crazy, Tze’s home style is a study in restraint. And that’s no accident: “I am overstimulated with visuals all day long!” she tells us. “So choosing white for my furniture and bedding is very much my way to leave work at work.”


As for that work: Tze started Uprise Art for people who want to support artists and fill their homes with art they love, but were intimidated by the gallery experience (*raises hand shyly*). Where you might walk into a gallery fearing a Pretty Woman-esque experience, the Uprise process is founded on customer service as friendly as it is knowledgeable (hey, personal art advisor looking to match you with your perfect piece), and is built for collectors with real-life budgets (i.e. an under-$800 section and the option for payment plans).


Tze Chun, crisp white sheet devotee, finishes off her bed with a decorative pillow.


Here, Tze – a self-professed crisp white sheet devotee – gives us the scoop on her bedroom indulgence, the benefits of loft living, and her new pre-bed ritual we need to steal.




Tze Chun's nightstand, complete with a piece of Uprise Art artwork.


The first thing I reach for in the morning is….

My glasses! I'm practically blind without them.


My favorite part of my bedroom is….

The amount of space in it! In New York, it's such a novelty to have a California King bed... and to still be able to get out from either side.


Tze talks about what she reaches for when she gets up in the morning.


A nightstand is no place for…

Phones. I've been trying to go screen-free for 30 minutes before bed, and I love it. It makes a real difference in creating a calming environment.


Meanwhile, my nightstand isn’t complete without…

Art books! Right now I love From Here to There: Alec Soth’s America, and Brooklyn Modern, but I’m always changing it up.


Every bedroom needs comfort and personality according to Tze.


Every bedroom needs the right balance of…

Comfort and personality.


My best tip for the bedroom is…

Asymmetrical nightstands. I like that each side has its own personality.


A stylish home can never have too many…

Works of art, of course!


Tze drinks tea instead of coffee.




Family photographs v. art: Both!

Coffee table book v. novel v. notebook: Novel… but also a beautiful art book.

Alarm clock v. cell phone v. sunshine: My husband making coffee and walking around. Ah, the benefits of loft living…

Plants v. flowers: Plants. Our apartment is starting to look like a jungle. Those birds of paradise just keep growing and growing… though I wish I could say the same for our poor fiddle leaf fern.

Ironed bedding v. natural look: Natural.

Stay up late & sleep in v. early to bed & early to rise: Early all the way – my default alarm is 7am.


Thanks, Tze! 



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