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Respect The Classics: 3 No-Fail Drink Recipes

 Impress, imbibe, and indulge with a trio of classic cocktails

You’ll be hard pressed to encounter a guest or a bad day that won’t be comforted with a solid glass of beer or wine. But if you’re looking to really wow someone – yourself included – a little practical magic, by way of bartending, will do the trick.

We pulled together a tight edit of the cocktail recipes you’ll always want to have in your back pocket. From a just-sweet-enough Bellini, to a nerve-calming Gin Fizz (egg-free, for ease and vegans), to the flavor bomb that is the mighty Manhattan: these are just what you need in the event of long days, snow days, seen-better days, happy days, and everything in between. Tie on your chef’s towel for good measure and let’s begin.




Blend: 2 white peaches, 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp of sugar. Strain out all solids.

Scoop: 2 tbsp of your fresh puree into Champagne flutes.

Pour: Champagne up to top of each glass.

Don’t: Stir

Garnish: With a sprig of Rosemary.

Store: Extra puree for next tomorrow morning.


Gin Fizz

Pour: 5 oz of Gin, 2.5 oz of lemon juice, and 2.5 tbsp sugar into cocktail shaker.

Shake: Vigorously for 30 seconds.

Add: Ice cubes and give an extra shake.

Strain: Into 2 glasses.

Top: With club soda.

Garnish: With a mint leaf.



Drop: Large ice cubes into Short Tumbler.

Pour: 2.5 oz of Bourbon, 1 oz of Vermouth, and 2 dashes of bitters into each glass.

Garnish: With maraschino cherry.

Stir: While slightly muddling cherry.


The final step in all these is to toast, sip, and come out the other side feeling a little more jazzed or refreshed. And keep in mind: all three pair well with salty snacks, play-by-play recaps of your day, and putting your feet up on the sofa.  

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