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Get Choosy: The Be-All, End-All Guide To Choosing Your Sheets

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There are all sorts of great debates in the world of bedtime. Hospital corners v. no-tuck, two pillows v. one, and of course, Cotton v. Linen sheets. And to make matters harder, when it comes to Cotton, it trickles down to Sateen versus Percale.


For us, these are the debates we can’t get enough of – figuring out what’s best for who and why. Especially because here at SNOWE, our Sateen and Percale aren’t so wildly different – they’re both 100% cotton, but with different weaves that affect the final product’s texture. Percale is the result of a one-over, one-under weave which allows air to pass through freely, and ensures its spot as our most breathable option. Meanwhile, Sateen (not to be confused with satin) is woven with softness as the top priority, a four-over, one-under weave that makes it extra cushy (and bonus: naturally wrinkle resistant). Then when you factor in Linen – soft like Sateen, breezy like Percale – you're looking at an even tougher decision. 


We’ll start with our handy chart, to break down the basics of our bedding:


Into The Details? Us Too. Let’s Go Deep

We’re proud to boast that our customers are bedding aficionados, and have bought and compared our bedding to just about all the competition. What they’ve relayed is that the other guys tend to serve up percale that leans into its worst qualities and sends out a product that’s scratchy, rough, and weak. Meanwhile, the other Sateens out there are shiny, glossy, and heavy, heating you up quickly, and typical Linens are rough to the touch. The result is three types of sheets that are wildly different, and all, frankly, not great. 

Here’s how ours are different – both from the competition and from each other:


PERCALE: The Crisp, Cool Choice That Gets Softer Over Time 

  • Soft, crisp, ultra light, and airy to the touch, with a dreamy, matte smoothness. 500 thread count with extra fine, 100% Egyptian cotton threads; it’s woven specifically to hit the perfect balance of breathability and smoothness. 
  • More likely to wrinkle than Sateen – a byproduct of that luxury hotel crispness. Pulling them on the bed when they’re slightly damp, post dryer, will clear that right up, though. Same goes for a quick ironing. 
  • As GQ puts it, our Percale has “that classic ‘luxury hotel’ feel, like you’re sleeping in a pile of Ralph Lauren oxfords.”


SATEEN: The Never-Shiny, Always-Cozy Choice 

  • Breathable and light, without losing its softness, with none of the sheen, heaviness, or heat you get with traditional, satin-like Sateen. 
  • 400 thread count using extra fine, 100% long-staple cotton; the highest recommended for Sateen in order to make the most of the weave and avoid a heavy feel. 
  • Wrinkle-resistant (but not -proof; no chemicals here) so your bed looks perfect, always. 
  • As Hunker puts it, our Sateen feels “crazy lightweight and cozy at the same time. And soft in that favorite-T-shirt-from-seventh-grade-that's-been-washed-100-times way."

LINEN: The Buttery-Soft, Longest-Lasting Choice 

  • Made in Italy, from premium Belgian Flax, and air-whipped into the softest, more supple version of linen. 
  • Perfectly worn-in without being worn-out; made to last for years of breezy nights, and get softer over time. 
  • Elegantly rumpled, perfect for living out your Italian countryside B&B dreams.  
  • As Real Simple puts it: “If you normally consider linen to be stiff or scratchy, think again. Snowe’s linen collection is so buttery soft and airy, you won’t even believe it’s linen."


There are a million other ways to differentiate between sheet fabric types. But ultimately, it’s all about discovering the weave that works best for your bedtime – and time of year (we see many Percale devotees switch to Sateen in the winter). Because no matter which one is right for you, our goal is to bring you luxury sheets for the ultimate luxury: deliciously deep sleep, whether it’s for a 30-minute nap or 11-hour indulgence.

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