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Sleep Easy With Ethical Down

 Get to know what’s behind our ultra-warm, ultra-cozy bedding.


Your mom was right, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. So when it came to sourcing down for our pillows and comforters, we knew it had to be cloud-light, cashmere-warm, and clump-proof… as well as responsibly-sourced. Because these pieces are primed to give you your best sleep ever, there shouldn’t be any murky backstory that could keep you up at night.

That’s why we’re committed to ethical down – the inside-your-bedding equivalent of buying wild-caught salmon, non-GMO hand soap, or cruelty-free diamonds.

You might remember seven or so years ago when major outdoor apparel companies came under fire for making their extra-warm jackets with down that was sourced in a process that left animal activists queasy. Patagonia and North Face got on board with providing transparency on what they put in their jackets, and consumers became aware of a whole subsection of the industry called “Responsible Down Standard”, or RDS.

RDS is a non-profit, and regulates the down industry to combat negative environmental and social concerns. Part of that means certifying a select group of suppliers sourcing down in a way that’s kind – and never harmful to – ducks and geese.

We work with one of these suppliers – one of only four in the US – not just because we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to making products at the expense of any sort of mistreatment. But because when we send these pieces into your homes, we need to know they’re exemplifying the quality and top-tier standards we’d want in our own beds.

Our supplier exclusively turns out down that goes through an RDS-approved supply chain and ensures that birds’ welfare is protected from the moment they’re just an egg.

We can’t say that happy birds make for softer down – though that is our working hypothesis. But we can tell you that our comforter and pillows are top of the line, from the smart fill that makes it cooling in summer and extra cozy when the temperature drops. Our signature sewn pockets also keep the down in place, so you’re never cursing it (or your partner) because all the fill has migrated to one side.

So far no technology has managed to pull off a fill that gives as much warmth – for as little weight – as down. Not to mention that down, when washed and stored appropriately, can last a lifetime. That’s a lot of quick-to-sleep evenings and can’t-get-out-of-bed mornings.  

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