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Style in Comfort: The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Bed

Build The Perfect Bed


We’ve always prided ourselves on offering the best for your bed. That means milling at the best Italian factory, never compromising on quality, and designing a sophisticated edit of luxe bedding staples.


Our build-your-own-bed guide instructs you, step-by-step, through the shopping process. For those who need a little extra guidance, we've included easy bed styling tips to ensure your custom look hits all the right notes.


Let’s start with colors. 

No rainbow color wheel here. Our focus has always been on offering only the most classic, versatile, and luxe hues. Though, like anyone who’s ever struggled to pick the perfect white paint can tell you, that doesn’t mean all neutrals are created equal.


If you prefer COOL tones, you’ll be partial to our Essential White colorway, Slate Blue, or Ash Grey. 




Meanwhile, if you gravitate toward WARM tones, our Classic Ivory or Timeless Blush will be more in your wheelhouse.




If your preference is for monochromatic bliss, you’ll have no problem assembling your dream look. But if you’re aiming for a bed that uses complementary tones, your sweet spot is staying within the warm or cool families. Bonus fact: You can’t go wrong pairing Essential White with any color, whether it’s a white duvet and shams with tonal sheets, or the opposite.


Now, for the texture talk

When we originally created our Linen bedding, as well as our cotton weave— a crisp-as-a-luxury-oxford Percale (as GQ put it) – we knew we were catering to different tastes. But once our team started sleeping with the goods, we discovered that sensory preferences aren’t as simple as that. 




While some are so enamored with the five-star hotel bedding experience, they want all Percale everything, many were after a fuller experience. Some craved the airy feel of Linen against their skin, but a more buttoned-up Percale topper. Or, they were firmly Team Percale for their sheets but opted for the relaxed, sumptuous Softexture or Linen for their duvet cover (a common combo for those who love a polished look with a casual edge. 


Onto weighty matters

This next part, the part where you choose the fill of your comforter and pillows (RDS-certified down versus down alternative) as well as the size and firmness of your pillows and weight of your comforter – no need to consider aesthetics here. It’s all about how you sleep (Warm? Windows open? On your stomach? We’ve got you). 




Do you live in California, Florida, Texas, or somewhere else where you find yourself waking up at night a little hot? Have a partner who doubles as a radiator? The Lightweight option, in our down or down alternative, will suit you best. Though not as heavy as our all-season version, it’s still soft and fluffy enough that you’ll get that cloud-like feeling.




For those of us who prefer cozy nesting no matter the time of year, the generous stuffing of our All Season comforters makes for a dream-come-true level of warmth.  


Meanwhile, we offer pillows in three levels of density, aka, the amount of fill that’s actually in the pillow. Side sleepers are prime candidates for firm pillows to maintain the horizontal alignment of their head, neck, and shoulders. Stomach sleepers are on the opposite end of things: they thrive with ultra soft pillows that prevent the head and neck from settling at uncomfortable, turned angles. And finally, back sleepers tend to prefer a medium density pillow (perfect for head and neck support).




And then finish strong

What’s the difference between your bed and one that you see in a magazine? Short answer: Good lighting and a great throw. Whether you want a dreamy heavyweight, a silk or cashmere-infused blend, or a statement look, it’s the final piece that makes your bed “finished.” Maybe you’re looking to add a seriously warm top layer, like our Striped Throw, for impromptu naps, or just want a classic (and cozy) fringe number. An eye-catching checked throw will perfectly tie the colors of your bedscape together, too.


As for the rules of engagement? None, really. The difference in texture means you can get away with any color addition, whether it’s more of the same as your bedding palette, or a chic departure.




And now, all that’s left to do is jump into the design process for yourself. And then, sleep in. Designing your dream bed isn’t exhausting by any means, but we still think you deserve the indulgence.


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