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The Art of The Upgrade: Setting Yourself Up for Life



There’s something charming about the mix and mismatch that comes with a postgraduate home. The bizarre jumble of flatware, the big-box dishes with chipped edges and odd constellation of stains, the sheets and towels marked by bleach spots and aggressive pilling.

Charming, of course, within an appropriate timeframe; this look doesn’t age particularly well. And while most people grab onto the next shiny ring of adulating with well-tailored denim, appropriate luggage, and post-ramen home cooking, it’s somehow tougher to let go of the homewares.


Before: Portrait of a bowl that’s seen better days. Upgrade: Our scratch-resistant, limoges porcelain dish.


Maybe it’s that they technically “work.” A scratched glass still holds water. And even if your towels are nearing threadbare… they dry you after a shower, right?

There’s different tiers of this. Maybe your linen closets and kitchen cabinets are stocked with perfectly fine pieces that you… hate. A full set of wine glasses gifted by an old coworker you’d love to never think about again. A duvet cover you bought during an unfortunate phase of being really into chevron. It happens.


Before: Still life of a towel on its last legs. Upgrade: A fresh, plush bath towel, right out of the box.


Rethinking Value

The value of a single product is easy to identify – it’s written right on the price tag. It’s tougher to quantify certain feelings – how much is it worth to you to slide open a cutlery drawer and see shining, matching handles aligned? Or to wake up in sheets that feel smooth, cool, and luxurious against your skin?

We pay up for these experiences out of our homes at luxury hotels or top-rated restaurants. Everyone wants to treat themselves now and again, and knows that spending money towards experiences is cash well spent. But consider the products that go into those experiences: These places invest in the amenities you enjoy – sheets, towels, dinnerware, glassware. Why not do it at home yourself and get those micro-upgrades daily?




But Wait, What About Your Old Stuff?

Wanting an elevated experience for yourself doesn’t mean being wasteful. Once you’re ready to part with your old pieces, there are plenty of options.

Homewares that are in decent condition can be donated to your local Goodwill, Habitat For Humanity ReStore, Out Of the Closet, NYC-based Housing Works, or homeless shelter; similarly, you can look into nonprofits that help refugees help get settled in their new home with organizations like or Los Angeles-based Miry’s List. More worn towels and sheets can go to the Animal Humane Society. (Or, cut down old towels to DIY cleaning rags.)

As for giving up pieces that were gifted to you: Don’t fear the repercussions. If your gift-giver visits, deploy a white lie or gently let them know how much happiness it brought you and you’ve now swapped in something new; you appreciate their understanding.




What’s Next

We built SNOWE off the idea of foundational home collection that thrills in its simplicity and luxury. And our obsession with value didn’t just drive us to bring these pieces directly to you, with no middleman or mark-up required. We want to bring you the perfect pieces that make your moments at home that much more enjoyable.

Each of our bundles is a generous edit of all the pieces you need to outfit your kitchen, bath, or bed with the timeless essentials. Ones that will last for years and stay looking divine just as long (the finest materials and craftsmanship will do that for you).

Not everyone has the foresight to invest in a higher standard for the pieces you touch every day. And because we believe in rewarding that kind of foresight, we offer a 10-15% savings built right in to every bundle.

Call it sparking joy, supersizing your happiness, trading up, investing in experiences, elevating the everyday.  

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