Candle Set

Made with 100 percent natural soy wax and scents suited for each room of your home, our five candles burn for 75 hours. That's 375 hours of scent serenity if you play your matches right.

Hand poured in US by skilled craftsmen.

100% natural soy candle burns clean.

Unique scents formulated from all natural oils.

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We've thoughtfully designed a collection of home essentials using the highest quality materials in the world. By working directly with the best European factories, we're able to offer exceptional products at a lower cost compared to other premium retailers.

Light A Fire

With over 400 oils in their library of fragrances, we tracked down the only artisanal partner that handcrafts their candles entirely in New York City. With a blend of soy, beeswax and vegetable oils and a 100% cotton wick, each hand-poured candle is made entirely of natural ingredients for a cleaner, longer burn that allows our custom blended scents to quite literally shine.

Lay the Foundation

Your home needs a solid foundation for whatever life may bring. Starting from scratch or starting over, we did the work for you. Here are all the essentials for your home.

Tips For Life

When lighting a candle for the first time, let it burn. To ensure candles burn evenly over their life, the light should melt the wax evenly across the surface. Otherwise you’ll notice candle tunneling, which will make it difficult to melt your entire candle over time.

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