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Whine-less Stemware: How Titanium Saves The Day

 Snowe Stemware

What makes our stems so special? They’re crafted with the strength of Grecian gods and rocket science.




We’ll bet good money that when you’re pouring yourself a glass of wine, you’re probably more about what’s inside the glass than what went into making the glass itself. But when you’re on glass four, oh oh, are you going to appreciate these titanium-reinforced stems.

Because if your hands are moving a beat slower than your brain, and that glass tumbles down, you’ll only have to worry about the spilled drink, not shards of glass. That’s the power of our reinforced stems.


The Origin Story


Ready for some cocktail party knowledge? It all started, as so many wonderful things do, in Italy. Our factory pioneered the technology in Italy after searching for a way to keep wine glasses from falling to an early death. Again: this is Italy. We’re looking at a people who don’t stand for their vino being interrupted by some shrieking and dust pans.


So the solution, after much trial and error (and many dishwasher-ruined glasses)? Reinforcing our stems with an invisible coating of titanium.


You know, titanium. The stuff so strong it was named after those hulking Grecian gods, the Titans. Corrosion resistant and with the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element, it’s the magic stuff that makes up airplanes, rocket ships, and rings.


Stems that look good no matter how you look at them. 


From Italia to You


Now it’s part of our glassmaking process, as integral as the sumptuous curve of the glass, the expertly-thin rim, and the mechanized blown glass process that leaves them so flawless. That Hulk-like strength means you can safely run your champagne flutes, white wine, red wine, and martini glasses in the dishwasher up to 4,000 cycles – that’s a lifespan of over 10 years, if you're washing these beauties daily.

You’re also free not to fret about safety concerns if an overindulged guest drops one, or a beloved pup nudges one off the table. Though we don’t have much advice when it comes to cleaning merlot off a maltese – that’s all on you.

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