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Your Holiday Ice Bucket Challenge

Ring in the new year with something shiny.


If you made it through 2016 without vice, congratulations. But really? We don’t believe you. The year nicknamed “tire fire” took a lot out of us all, and it’s safe to say that no matter your choice of sin, you indulged. To keep you on track, we put together a list of ways to keep up the bad behavior – but in good taste – this season. Specially tailored for your hosting, gifting, and commiserating for the rest of this year.

Shall we begin?





Let’s say…. Your coolest neighbor casually invited you to a boozy (and possibly ironic?) cookie-swap party.

You need… The Ice Bucket. Sleek, curvy, shiny, sexy. This Italian-made stainless steel beauty says “ready to party” for whatever party-type is underway.

Go the extra mile and add... A bottle of bubbly, obviously. Show them how in-the-know you are by snagging Chandon’s sparkling Brut collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff.


It's a wrap (party, that is).


Let’s say… You’re hosting a “let’s get our gifts wrapped” gathering to motivate you and your friends to get things wrapped before Midnight on the 24th.

You need… The Rose Party Set. 8 stemless wine glasses (so effortlessly chic). 8 linen cocktail napkins (so simple, yet refined). And our stunner of an ice bucket that becomes a picture-perfect vase once you down all the drinks.

Go the extra mile and serve with… The Family Coppola Winery’s Sofia Rose. The second-best Coppola product named Sofia.  



Let’s say… December 26th: the day you can wipe your hands clean of family parties filled with awkward questions. You’re celebrating with your partner that morning… er, early afternoon.

You need… The Champagne Set. That bellisima bucket plus a pair of dishwasher-safe crystallized glass flutes that strike the right balance between modern and classic.

Go the extra mile and add… A bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label (can’t mess with a classic), with yet another bright bottle: Evolution Fresh’s organic orange juice. Hello, mimosas!


Toast to the end of the holidays. 


Let’s say… Your good behavior at the work holiday party paid off; your boss just extended an invite to her personal holiday party.

You need… The Whiskey Set. A quartet of short tumblers as shiny and bright as they are durable, and a spirit decanter that’s as sumptuous as a high-end perfume bottle.  

Go the extra mile and add… Masterson’s Straight Rye Whiskey. The glimmering amber will shine through the crystallized glass once she pours it in. The perfect reminder of what a star you are.



Let’s say… You can’t make it to your 5-year-old niece’s Christmas recital; instead, you’re showing up that evening to toast her Nutcracker debut with your sibling and their partner.

You need… The Red Wine Set – this decanter is poised for 22 ounces of delicious, oxygenated vino; the 4 glasses come with Titanium-reinforced stems so they’re extra-strong.

Go the extra mile and serve with… Barrel + Ink’s Thief Syrah – the label is so beautiful, it says “hey you’re still the same cool kids you were before having kids.”



Let’s say… Your in-laws are hosting you for Christmas dinner, where they serve the same old ham and tired sides. Lovely, but a little predictable.

You need… The Tapas Set. You’re not undermining tradition if you’re adding to it with a pair of Portuguese-made porcelain platters, a set of stainless steel cheese knives, as well as stemless glasses, appetizer plates, and cocktail napkins for four.  

Go the extra mile and serve with… Sangria Lolea Sparkling Red Sangria to spice things up (they’ll flip for a bubbly red), and a different take on pork: bacon-wrapped dates. Mmmm.


A morning after party.  


Let’s say… New Year’s Eve was a 3, 2, 1 – BLAST! But the morning after? You’re ready to kick off a (semi!) dry January and hyper-hydrated 2017.

You need… The Drink Essentials Set. Get one for you and one for that hard-to-shop-for family member. One flawless glass carafe that makes boring old water so much more appetizing; plus the 4 glasses are sophisticated and fit perfectly in your hand.

Go the extra mile and serve with… Sparkling or still – whatever you can down the fastest. Or go extra-delicious with Polar Seltzer’s Cranberry-Clementine sparkling water.



And not to worry: come February this decanter can be easily repurposed for serving up simple cocktails. Because you can’t be entirely without sin next year...


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