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Your Uniform for Holiday Prep: The All-Mighty Bathrobe

The all-mighty bathrobe — your holiday uniform.  


Anything worth doing is worth doing right. But also? In your bathrobe. Because as you’re laying the all-important groundwork for an amazing holiday season, it helps to be as cozy as possible. Allow us to suggest that you tweak your pre-holiday plans so they can be done from home and in maximum comfort. We have the perfect start in our outrageously plush bathrobe that rivals even the best ones you’ve considered stealing from luxe hotels. We can attest firsthand that it’s the ideal thing to wear while partaking in these ever-important, time-honored traditions:




  • Holiday shopping. At your computer, of course, because crowds are overrated (and shopping in bed with a glass of wine is underrated). Note: our robe’s air-woven cotton is quick-drying in case you spill said wine.


  • Making a “dream mantel decor” Pinterest board. Especially if you live in 600 square feet and have no mantel. It’s called a dream for a reason.


Snowe's fluffy bathrobe in action.



  • Fighting with your parents on the phone over who should be trusted to bake your great-aunt’s famous roast.


  • Therapy (online, because why leave?) to work through deep-seated family issues with food. This bathrobe’s soft, lightweight hand-feel coming in handy to feel like a gentle hug.


  • Meditation, as recommended by your new therapist.


  • Crafting a tassel and pom-pom garland while watching bad reality TV. Instructions via dream mantel Pinterest board, obviously. Feeling fancy because even though you are in a robe, the design is elegant and sleek as if you yourself are being pinned on someone else’s Pinterest board. And did we mention dipping into rosemary-sprinkled popcorn served in our Limoges porcelain large serving bowl? Robe is machine washable for when it gets covered in pom poms and popcorn.


  • Taking a face mask break, because “You look so tired! Are you sure you’re drinking enough water?!” is not your favorite Christmas welcome, ok Aunt Terry?


  • Sharpening knives (For the roast! Not Aunt Terry!)


Ready, set, relax in Snowe's bathrobe.  


  • Going through all your fancy coffee table cookbooks and magazines, so you can post-it note the impressive recipes you’ll take on for side dishes.


  • Getting on Amazon and order boxed stuffing, crispy fried onions, and canned cranberry sauce, because who are you kidding, tradition is tradition.


  • Going through your closet to consider potential holiday party outfits. Conclude none are as wonderful as a bathrobe. Robe’s built-in loop makes it easy to hang as you try on different things, but don’t worry, can be thrown on the bed just as effectively.


  • Falling asleep. No need for pj's, you’re practically wearing them.
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