Designed to preserve effervescence, our crystallized glass Flute has an elegant and easy shape. We don't need more of a reason to celebrate. Do you?

Dishwasher safe. Titanium-reinforced stems for superior durability.

Italian lead-free crystallized glass for lasting brilliance.

Designed to enjoy those sparkling wines and celebrations.

Set of 2 -



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We've thoughtfully designed a collection of home essentials using the highest quality materials in the world. By working directly with the best European factories, we're able to offer exceptional products at a lower cost compared to other premium retailers.

Propose a Toast

Short and sweet with light comic relief is recommended for any toast. As they clink glasses, they'll admire you all the more for the most resilient and gorgeous glassware around. Here are some pieces that will make it even more memorable.

Tips For Life

There’s one school of thought about serving champagne: yes please. But there are two schools of thought on how to properly pour. You can slowly drip champs directly into the bottom of the glass, pausing to let the bubbles settle and then starting again. But most of us know it works just as well to pour bubbly like beer, tilting the glass to preserve a higher amount of carbon dioxide. Whichever method you choose, be sure to have a sparkling toast ready once you’re done.

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