Serve & Celebrate

Eat With Your Eyes

You eat with your eyes first, and they are starving for something delicious. Something more satisfying than the plastic bag your Seamless delivery man brought you. Here’s how to take your meals to the next level.



Start With the Plate

It sounds simple, but you need to build a beautiful base that enhances what you’re eating. While eating straight out of the carton has its benefits, anything from fine dining to Philly Cheesesteaks looks more divine on dinnerware. Plus, we promise it tastes better.

Keep It Clean

Nothing feels more polished than a cloth napkin. Elevate the ordinary with linens, instead of just doling out what’s in your delivery bag. Bonus points: it’s environmentally friendly.

Plate Even the Accoutrements

If you’re serving friends, serve them with a smile. They know you didn’t whip up moo shu pork, so a serving bowl full of soy sauce packets and hot mustard lets them have what they need at their fingertips. Everyone loves entrees with a side of irony.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Halfway

If you can’t make everything, you can still do a little something. Snagging a rotisserie chicken or (if you are feeling decadent) ordering a great pizza and then tossing your own fresh salad can convince anyone you’re a great host—and that they are eating healthy.

Build a Buffet

Two or three separate servings become a party when presented on platters. Have pals over for an Indian buffet, and you’ll get a tiny taste of everything you want to try.

Herb’s the Word

Punch up plain dishes with a topping of fresh herbs and spices. A small bowl filled with parsley or parmesan cheese lets guests top at their discretion, while an extra serving of cilantro adds some color and edge to enchiladas.

Re-plate and Reheat

Dropping a frozen lasagna into a piece of bakeware means your dish is ready to go from the oven to the table to your belly, and look beautiful the whole way.

Add Some Height

When plating, add some visual interest. Try our favorite trick for shaping takeout rice—pack rice tightly into a bowl and then flip it over onto a plate to serve. Beyond that, feel free to channel your inner celeb chef with a light smear of sauce around your main dish.

Wine Right

Just because your main dish wasn’t made at home, doesn’t mean it deserves a second rate wine. Pair a bold vino with a takeout dish the same way you would anything else. Whoever is dining with you will appreciate that you went big bodied with your big bag of to-go food.

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