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5 Ways to Remix Happy Hour


Let’s face it: these days ‘happy hour’ feels like it can be at any hour — and it definitely lasts longer than 60 minutes. But between the neverending Zoom appointments and Netflix binges, it can feel impossible to carve out time for the laid back boozy hang that’s the perfect transition to whatever’s next. Happy hour (or aperitivo hour) has always been about sharing stories, a snack and a tasty libation. That doesn’t have to end now.

In fact, we’d argue happy hour is more important than ever. As the apéritif wizards at Haus put it, “It’s the moment in the day when we can slow down, wake up, and be present with the people we like.”

But how to do it when you can’t congregate at the neighborhood cocktail bar? We asked Helena Price Hambrecht, co-founder of Haus, how she turns a simple cocktail and conversation at home with her partner and co-founder Woody into something special.








5 Ways to Turn Aperitivo Hour into Something Special

  1. The right soundtrack will make or break a moment. Woody and I love to curate Spotify playlists for our favorite people and have shared some of our best DJ work here.
  2. Aperitivo hour isn’t complete without tasty bites (turns out the Italians were on to something). Simple snacks are all part of the equation. Our go-tos are Alison Roman's marinated anchovies, some simple charcuterie, or guacamole with avocados from our yard.
  3. Grab the RIGHT drink and don’t overthink it. We love making simple cocktails with Haus or splitting a bottle of natural wine. In general, we go for booze made with natural ingredients so we feel better the next morning.
  4. Play a game. Our favorite is dominoes. It's important to get off the Internet every day and enjoy simple activities together with the people you love.
  5. Pull out your best glassware. You might not be entertaining a crowd, but the right vessel can make a drink feel perfect and the time spent together just a little more special. We love using our Snowe champagne flutes for bubbly cocktails and pouring Haus on the rocks in short tumblers or rocks glasses.



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Shake It Up

If you are looking for an easy to mix cocktail that won’t leave you hungover for your 9am call, look no further than a tasty apéritif. Although it sounds fancy, an apéritif is simply a low-ABV (alcohol by volume) liquor with flavors from roots, herbs, and botanicals.


Haus Tonic

2 parts Haus Ginger Yuzu
1 part tonic


A Simple How-To:

  1. If possible refrigerate the Haus, tonic, and tumblers prior to mixing
  2. Pour Haus and tonic into a cocktail shaker, and give a good shake
  3. Add ice to your tumblers
  4. Pour mixed drink on the rocks
  5. Add garnish that complements the drink with color and flavor.


*Crafted farm-to-bottle in Sonoma, CA, Haus is the only liquor company in the US that ships nationwide. Use code HAUSXSNOWE for 15% off on your first order until midnight ET 4/26. 

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