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Holiday Handbook for Homebodies

Last But Not Least

Tricks for post-holiday pampering. 

If there’s ever a time for a self care day, it’s now. “Treat yourself” has become a ubiquitous mantra, and for good reason. Life can take it out of you—and the holidays can be a barrage of need-to-dos and nights without rest. If you’re feeling a-little-less-than-festive, here are some ideas for planning a day, or “selfie”, that will help you refuel and get back to feeling normal. Whether you lean all the way into a DIY spa day, or just need a second to unplug, here’s how to stay sane during the holidays.

Clean Digital House

Save the closet cleanout for spring, now’s a perfect time for a digital purge. Unsubscribe from those emails you never read, trim who you follow, delete crummy pictures from your phone, rearrange your apps. You’ll be shocked how much relief you’ll get IRL.







Drink Up

Stay home, but stay hydrated. Mimic the full retreat experience with this spa day essentials DIY: steep charcoal or lemon in a carafe of water overnight for your own personal enlightening elixir. For the rest of the day, spare no liquid—tea, seltzer, juice, matcha, wine after noon (or before). It’s whatever you want, with free refills all day.


Sweat Equity

Sleep in and get your workout in. Sneak away to the middle of the day workout class—you know the one that you pine for and wish aligned with your schedule. Then take a leisurely shower and dry off with a fast-drying, easy-to-pack, honeycomb towel. Your gym buddies will envy you.



{{honeycomb-bath-towel}} {{honeycomb-hand-towel}}

Let The Spirit Move You

Squeeze the end of the season out by leaning into your inner cheeseball. Indulge in the schmaltz with popcorn and your seasonal film of choice—Love Actually, Bridget Jones, any Nancy Meyers movie, or maybe one of Netflix’s new holiday originals.


Guilty Pleasures

Pull up all of those yearend lists and pick your poison. Are you looking for the year’s best drama? The literary wonder? Or just the goofiest reality show everyone adored? Dig into one of those pop culture pieces you lied about seeing (or swore you were going to get to) at one of your many holiday parties.







Party For One

Don’t be a martyr. You don’t need a buddy to enjoy the good stuff: treat yourself to decadent takeout or that especially nice bottle of wine—the bonus is you don’t have to share with anyone unless you want to.






Go Analog

Embrace that whole taking care of yourself and disconnecting vibe by reading a book about burnout like How to Do Nothing by Jenny ODell. Turning a physical page will feel indulgent. Don’t have the attention span? A print magazine will do. It’ll feel refreshing after all that time spent scanning the ‘Gram.






The Little Things

You don’t need to book a masseuse to plan a spa day at home. Small luxuries like bubble bath salts from Susanne Kaufmann, a Dr. Jart mask, a fluffy bathrobe and a candle will help you get a Four Seasons experience in the comfort of your own home.






A New Resolve

Avoid the extremes of New Year’s Resolutions. Use your day to select a “theme” for the year—patience, reading, or something goofy like chickpeas. How you execute it is up to you, but it’s a lot more fun than “lose 10 pounds.”


Out, Not About

If you must go out, keep the activity minimal and decadent. This is not the time for errands. Go to a coffee shop just to hang out, head to your favorite fancy grocery store sans list, or visit a museum or gallery with zero expectations. This is not about ticking something off the list, it’s just about enjoying yourself.


If All Else Fails

Stop trying to aggressively plan your day of rest and just go back to bed. Eradicate anything that looks like an alarm clock or an obligation, and snooze as late as you want (our super-soft pillows and sheet sets can help extend your slumber).





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