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How Do You Make Your Bed? 5 Ways You Haven't Seen Before

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Much has been said about the benefits of making the bed (and don’t you worry, we’ll be saying more). It makes you happier, it starts your day on the right note, it’s basically life-changing. 




Bed-making even seems to be this generation’s “wear sunscreen,” thanks to the particularly fantastic graduation speech by U.S. Navy Adm. William H. McCraven that emphasized the importance of making your bed. He followed up the speech with a Navy-level, hyper-specific guide to doing it the right way (including the bouncing-a-quarter thing). Which got us thinking: why should recruits be the only ones to get some guidelines? Inspired by our customers, we pulled together basic how-tos on making the bed for specific situations. Take your pick on which one is right for you. Well made bed

A well-styled bed is a must for any selfie session.


 How To Make Your Bed Like…You’re about to take 400 #Iwokeuplikethis selfies 


If you get a little primping in, then so does your bed. Pillows and Euro shams fluffed, standing at attention, down comforter folded back at the just-right spot. and throw blanket “effortlessly” (i.e. after a few tries) thrown across the bottom third of the bed, at a 45-degree angle. Next step, crawl into perfectly muss those sheets, practice your bedroom eyes, and watch the double-taps roll in.  

Bedside table

This one's all about the bedside accessories.


How To Make Your Bed Like…You’re about to head out on a promising date


It’s polished but casual – sheets are tucked, comforter laid out smoothly and even on all sides, and your nightstand is propped to make you look together, smart, and worldly. Pillows are propped up against the Euro shams but not too perfectly; in the just-right, so-inviting way. Bonus points for a carafe on the other nightstand. The perfect place to land if you two are feeling each other, but also if not, ripe for diving in with a remote and half a season of a new show. Climb in bed

Duvet covers so soft you may forget to undress.


How To Make Your Bed Like…You worked through lunch… and dinner… and your cab ride home.


Also known as the “we’ll try this work-life balance thing tomorrow.” Approach semi-made bed but don’t bother to get underneath covers. Be sure to position exhausted body diagonally across the comforter for ultimate spread-out/zone-out experience. No shame. And no stress about the shoes on the bed; duvet covers were made to be tossed in the wash.

Bedside table

Canceled plans mean a party for 1. 


How To Make Your Bed Like…Tonight’s plans were just canceled.


Ohno! Really? Are you sure? Well, that’s too bad, see you another time. No, no, it’s no problem. I have plenty to catch up on over here. Next step: cancel tomorrow morning’s plans. Keep the wine bottle near and the glass nearer. A sleep mask is a nice touch for making sure morning doesn’t arrive too soon. (And because we know you’re responsible, some water for tomorrow morning: key).

Down comforter and duvet cover

 This actually works with the Sunday Scaries, too. 


How To Make Your Bed Like…It’s Monday.


Lift comforter, insert self. Bonus points for adding a coffee.

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